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         Aileen Wuornos
                                         Court TV Photo of Aileen Wuornos         A.P Photo of Aileen Wuornos on witness stand
              Executed October 9, 2002 in Florida
The state Supreme Court rejected two efforts to stop the execution based
on claims she was mentally ill and therefore not competent to be executed.
  The State's psychiatrists disagreed and certified she was competent to be executed...

     "I'd just like to say I'm sailing with the Rock and I'll be back
       like Independence Day with Jesus, June 6, like the movie,
         big mothership and all. I'll be back," - From Aileen's Last Words
Charlize Theron, in an award winning performance, is Aileen Wuornos in the Hollywood film "MONSTER"


                        Aileen Wuornos     Charlize As Aileen    Charlize Theron
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                 NEWS ABOUT AILEEN
       Death Warrant Signed - Download PDF File
 Supreme Court of Florida - Briefs & Documents In Wuornos Case
    LETTER to cut and paste to Jeb Bush in defense of Aileen
    The Story of Aileen Wuornos - In Support of Aileen - from Prison
  Court TV "In Depth" on Aileen Wuornos


          Aileen has mental and emotional problems, as well as suffering
            from depression, and needs treatment - not to be murdered!

"Her defense attorney states that Wuornos operates at the emotional level of a 2-3 year old,
and her behavior should be understood within that framework. " - From Court TV's Information on Aileen

                                              AILEEN'S CHILDHOOD
                                               Elementary school photo of Aileen from childhood in Troy, Michigan

Aileen comes from a dificult background.  She was born February 29th, 1956, to Diane Wuornos and Leo Dale Pittman.   Her parents had divorced just a few months before Aileen was born.  Her mother, seventeen at the time of her divorce, abandoned Aileen to the care of her maternal grandparents.  Aileen's father, Leo Dale Pittman, described as  "a child molester and sociopath"  was either was strangled or hung himself in prison in 1969, when Aileen was just thirteen years old.
      2001 Press Release By Supporters of Aileen
              "Depression And Suicide Coming To Death Row Inmates"
        New F.A.D.P Press release on the signing of the warrant
VIDEO:   Court TV interview with Aileen  May 4, 2000 - Part 1   VIDEO:Part 2
VIDEO:  Court TV Excerpts - Aileen's testimony at her January, 1992,  trial
VIDEO:    Court TV - Excerpts from Aileen's interview August 25, 1999

    NCADP Alert : Aileen Wournos (FL) Oct. 9, 2002 7:00 AM EST

Aileen Wournos, a white woman, is scheduled to be executed Oct. 9 for a series of murders she committed in Florida in late 1989 and 1990. She confessed to six murders, but claimed she killed only in self-defense, resisting violent assaults by men while working as a prostitute. At her trial for the murder of Richard Mallory, Wournos testified that she shot him only after he attempted to violently rape her. Police found "nothing dirty" on the victim and concluded that there was nothing to substantiate the defendant's tale of sexual assault.  Had they simply run Mallory's name through the FBI's computer network, they would have known he served a decade behind bars for violent rape years before.

The defendant's confession speaks for itself, and the argument that six murders over two months were all in self-defense is difficult to justify. However, this example of poor investigating and insufficient defense
researching represents a common trend in death penalty cases: critical evidence goes undiscovered, especially in cases of poor defendants. When Dateline NBC reported the Mallory rape charges in November of 1992, Wournos was already sitting on death row.

Despite the facts inexcusably undetected by investigators, the death sentence was extremely harsh to begin with in this case, considering the mitigating evidence in the punishment phase of the trial. The defense showed that Wournos suffered a tragic, abusive upbringing, which resulted in antisocial and borderline personality disorders.  Her mother abandoned her as an infant, and her father served time in mental hospitals in several states as a deranged child molester. Eventually, her father, like her
grandfather, committed suicide, and her grandmother died of liver failure from alcoholism. Wournos suffered from physical abuse as a child, and later told police she had sex with her brother at a very early age. During both the trial and the appeal, the court declined to find the statutory factor of extreme emotional disturbance.

This case, from the early investigations to the appeals process, has been tainted by publicity and media drama. Three top investigators in the case hired lawyers within weeks of the arrest to field offers from Hollywood concerning movie deals. The media's idea of catching a "serial killer" unjustly simplified the complexities of this case. As reporter Michele Gillen said on NBC upon revealing new evidence after the conviction and death sentence: "She's a sick woman...but that's no reason for the state to say, 'She confessed to killing men; we don't have to do our homework.'"

Unfortunately, Wournos' abusive upbringing - a tragic situation far beyond her control - is not unique on death row. The United States sentences men and women to death every year with tragic childhood backgrounds, refusing to recognize the pattern of destructive behavior so often associated with such
upbringings. Please write the state of Florida to encourage a re-evaluation of Aileen Wournos' death sentence.

Please Contact

Governor Jeb Bush
Executive Office of the Governor
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: 850-488-4441
Fax: 850-487-0801

Pardon & Parole Board
Executive Board of Clemency
2601 Blarr Stone Road Building C Room 229
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Write Op-Ed

The Miami Herald
One Herald Plaza
Miami, FL 33132
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Fax: 305-376-5287

The News Journal
PO Box 2831
Daytona Beach, FL 32120
Phone: 386-252-1511
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For More Information
Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
PMB 297
177 US Highway #1
Tequesta, FL 33469
Phone: 800-973-4483
Fax: 561-743-2500

Florida Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
2363 Union Street
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Phone: 941-322-3449

                                             In Support Of Aileen:

A song about Aileen...
by Gang Bang Guerilla feat Manoush

Hey Aileen

Hey Aileen, did you keep your heart from dying by throwing it away
Hey Aileen
did you keep your heart from crying by blowing those away
that raped your flesh and ate your soul

Hey Aileen
dreams get shot into pieces
faster than you can pull the trigger
love can be so big baby
but life is always bigger

Aileen where was your god when you needed him most
hand in hand with your prayers he gave up the ghost

Hey Aileen
right or wrong are just words sometimes
heaven or hell ain´t worth a thought sometimes
Hey Aileen
just for you i make it rhyme this time

i just can´t stop wondering
what they really judged you for
maybe they judged you for murder
maybe they just stoned the whore

Aileen is there a god now
as you don´t need one anymore
or you still stuck in purgatory
like in your life before

it was alright in the wrong baby
and so wrong in the right
i´ll leave a candle for you in my window
to light your way through the nite
a candle like a wish
none ever said
a candle for the prayer
none ever prayed

Aileen where was your god when you needed him most
hand in hand with your prayers
he gave up the ghost

words: Manoush 2002

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