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      Meet Andre Burton . . .
        Writings From San Quentin
                  Author:  Andre Burton
     Humanity is suffering from a drafty brain drain derived from the
     western doctrine of hypocrisy. In our social, political, economical,
     religious and judicial order as established here in the United States.
     These institutions have not been right by God and they have not been
     right by the under privileged. For we exist in societies of America
     which perpetuate a life of deception and a false sense of democracy.
     Society has become death as perceived throughout the communities among
     under privileged people.  Also among the youth of society who have no
     love at home or within themselves.  Therefore they too are searching
     for death.
     Don't you realize this reality?  We are the human family, which is
     created with a life and divine spirit but have become like unto bones
     among each other?  Look at yourself and allow those in the church a
     look at themselves. Then look at the youth in their ignorance as they
     appear in society, it is apparent that they are in much need of divine
     spiritual guidance.
     Your self-accusing spirit is calling you to get involved in creating a
     better man or a better woman in this century and the coming millenium.
     These endeavors should find us moving together toward the image and
     likeness of God himself.  We are existing in evolutionary times.
     When we think about the church throughout history, it has always been
     the place to gather and learn how to exercise the will of God.
     Assisting in the advancement of the under privilege so that they too,
     can find themselves evolving into their rightful places. Then we would
     all be creating a more productive, harmonious society as human beings.
     So many of you have not been true to the teachings of the scriptures.
     Although it is not your fault, it is because you have been conditioned
     to believe in God outside of your human nature.  When in fact, the god
     you are seeking lie there within your divine consciousness.
     Not only is the urban community in need of your services, but it is
     necessary to get involved in reaching and embracing the brothers
     behind the walls that are incarcerated.  I believe God is calling you,
     the church, to go into the prisons and inspire these brothers toward
     redeveloping themselves around the work of God.  Meaning, everybody in
     one body recreating a social system of connectedness that will
     motivate us toward a closer kinship.  Also, being upright and
     responsible according to our human resolution here in America and for
     the good it will become for the under privilege.
        Message for the church,
        Let us live as examples
        Let us as individual men and women show that we care
        Let us make of ourselves what we desire in
        the work of Christ himself in ourselves.
     I am trying to do my part by writing this message to you.  It is
     important that you understand, that of all the greatest leaders and
     men of God who have made a difference in the lives of youth were
     workers of Christ coming from the church and out of the prison system.
     I have learned that it is in these institutions where the human spirit
     of God is most revitalized in man.  For these institutions exist as
     the womb of God's greatest workshops in the making of a better man or
     destroying a broken man completely.
     Let love be without hypocrisy and let us cling to what is good.  Let
     us be kindly affectionate to one another as brothers and sisters, born
     of the human family in Christ.  In honor of and in support of one
     another not lacking in diligence, but fervent in spirit.  Serving
     where the calling of help is needed.  Rejoicing in hope and patient in
     the face of tribulation.  While continuing steadfastly in prayer,
     distributing to the need of the Saints, given to hospitality.
     This message to you as individuals or as a group is my outcry as a
     victim of social injustice and for which I am in chains. I am in need
     of your financial support to establish enough funds to achieve the
     just legal representation in my struggle for justice and freedom.
     To learn more about my present situation on California's
    deathrow in San Quentin State prison, please contact:

    Joanne Johnson at 510-769-0169

     I need your financial support for God's purpose not for my own
     personal needs in prison.  In hopes that God will open a door for the
     work he has given me to do in his name and that it may be made
     manifest.  I should be free to teach and speak God's will, as he uses
     me for his purpose.
     This message to the people of society in the Church: I look forward to
     hearing from you and I ask that you not send any donations to me
     personally.  Contact Joanne Johnson in support of Andre Burton's legal
     defense.  I need your financial support I will appreciate all that
     will help to make a difference and there isn't much time.
     You can communicate with me by writing to the following address:      
                                        Andre Burton
                     PO Box C44728
                San Quentin State Prison
                  San Quentin, CA 94974


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     To contact Andre by mail:  MR. ANDRE BURTON
                                                      P.O. BOX C.
                                          44728 San Quentin State Prison
                                                San Quentin, California
                                                    94974     U.S.A

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