Mustafa Lancaster
                                        Born : Andrew Lancaster
Writings From San Quentin's Death Row, California
                As featured in Toronto Life magazine, Sept. 2000
                            Mustafa's poem 'Toronto Blues'  appeared in Toronto Life.

Peace and Blessings,

My name is Mustafa Lancaster,and I am currently an inmate on San Quentin's Death Row.
I am writing you to seek an outlet of communication by letter writing.

My likes / hobbies are :

1.  Reading

2.   Writing letters, essays on socio-political topics and I'm currently writing a book.

3.    All forms of music.

4.   Sports.

5.  Spiritual improvement and enlightenment.

I hope to hear from you soon !

                 Writings by Mustafa Lancaster
                                 A Message To My People
            A Short Biography Of Dr Mustafa Ibn Talib
                     Speech - To Kill The Iraqi People
                             The Cause Of Tyranny
                            Remedies For Society
                             Time To Die - A Poem
                             Defender Of The Faith
                 Rehabilition vs. Life Imprisonment
                            Wisdom To Humanity
              Message To The Islamic Community
    Support  Canadian Coalition Against Death Penalty
        Following The Example Of the Holy Prophet
                               Focus On Freedom
                               Humanity Dangers
                         Toronto Blues - A Poem
                                Jewels Of Islam
           The Philosophy And Opinion Of Mustafa
               Are We Losing Our Precious Gems?
                             Brothers And Sisters
                                Final Revelation
                              My Greatest Love
                    Keeping With The Sprit Of Hajj
    In The Time When People Would Go Against The Quran
Downfall Of The World And Reward And Punishment In The Next World

  Andrew Lancaster, whose chosen name is Dr Mustafa Talib,
        is currently a death row inmate at San Quentin, California.

                              PLEASE WRITE ! ! !

                    Please direct all comments and queries to the author,
  who will be very glad to recieve your letters, comments or words of support.
              Andrew Lancaster
        San Quentin State Prison
               San Quentin, CA
                   94974   USA

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            and the essays and ideas you will read on this page are Mustafa's own.
                        Special thanks to Richard Northrop and Brenda Kelly
                         in New Brunswick for transcribing some of the text

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            The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now
                                                       "The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now"

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