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                    Hello my name is Anthony Graves
  and I am a death row inmate in the state of Texas.
         I have been on Texas death row since October of 1994.

I am looking to correspond with someone whom I can trust to share my thioughts and feelings with.   Someone who will enter our friendship with an open mind and not judge me, but accept me as aperson who really wish to add a friend to his life.

 I am an African American , 33 years old, who considers himself handsome and intelligent.

My hobbies are reading,  writing,  and listening to various kinds of music.  (Jazz, R&B, Light Rock and Blues.)  I also love to play sports and jog.

I am looking for a friend who is mature, intelligent and has a caring heart.
Death row can be a loneely experiece and a struggle for mental survival.  if you can identify with any of those feelings then we already have someting in common.  I am a very firm believer that everyone needs someone in their life and I need you.

I am a very interesting person with a lot of charachter and I just need someone to share that with.

"Hope to hear from you soon"

Yours Truly . . .
                    Anthony Graves  #999127
                          Polunsky Unit D.R.
                          3872 FM 350 South
                           Livingston, Texas
                                77351  USA


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