Anthony Pierce


            Whether you support State Sanctioned Murders or not, right is right and right doesn't wrong anybody.  However, in America today, those charged with upholding Fairness & Equality under a RighteousEmbodiment has gone beyond their capacity and thus adapted an "Us versus Them" mentality, which by far creates this wrapped side of justice.  If any of you recall the hard fought case of Shaka Sankofa ( Gary Graham [pbuk] ), the Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas had proven that their form of justice is preserved for the status - quo only because (like my situation), Br. Sakofa never got the opportunity to present compelling evidence favoring himself, where in my situation, the Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas had denied my HABEAS Petition without either hearing the facts, nor require the District Court Judge to hold such a hearing to determine the facts [where there were many controversial issues of law by both sides that needed to be addressed].

            This is the same Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas whom refuses to hear a man after DNA evidence excluded him for the crime upon which he was tried and convicted of, which shows just how hypocritical this system truly is and how people could easily find their way in prison.  To give an idea of the type of mentality that pervades the CONSCIOUSNESS of Americans, the attack on the Twin Towers (WTC) in New York and the Pentagon in Washington was met by calls of blood REVENGE on anybody, these people deem guilty, even joined by other Westernized Countries yet, the illegal Air Raid against Libya (that murdered innocent people in their sleep), or the invasion of Granada, or the slaughter of unarmed women and children by U.S. SERVICEMEN in AMERICA'S invasion of Somalia were met by silence.  Just as the tragedy that caused the death of an Italian Citizen by an American Serviceman or the rape allegation made against another one have been equally met by silence because, this is the only time Americans' stress turning the other cheek.

            Like the farce of justice dispersed by this judicial system, the Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas RARELY over-turn a conviction based on the evidence of anybody considered below the status-quo.  Example:  The Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas reserved this exact case twice on the exact same issue presented as one of the 48 plus issues raised in the Original Habeas Corpus Petition though, on Direct Appeal the issue was labeled harmless.  And now, without so much as EXAMINE the issues RAISED in this Petition, the Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas has determined my Habeas Petition without looking at the physical evidence the perjured testimony (raised by all the State appointed attorneys during trial though only challenged by one during Direct Appeal "Allen C. Isbel"), or any issues raised in my Habeas petition, instead, the Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas accepted the District Judge's findings of facts and conclusions of law without questioning any opposing views.

            For the 174th Judicial District Judge George H. Godwin to issue such a finding in my case, which very much needed an in-court hearing to clear up very controverted issues of law, opposing attorneys had to have submitted some type of argument that the District Court Judge didn't feel required an Evidentiary Hearing.  My guess is that R. E. Wheelan (the court appointee) submitted for argument in my behalf without my knowledge nor consent, that compromised other serious issues [in an attempt to cover up the facts of this case and have me murdered by the State of Texas].  For reason's being, I had filed a complaint against Attorney R. E. Wheelan, Assistant District Attorney Shirley Cornelius and State District Judge of Harris County, George H. Godwin, to the State Bar Association for conspiring to have me murdered by the State of Texas and by the looks of things, this is exactly what it appears to be (even though the State Bar Association did nothing about the complaint but dismissed it).  The plight of my demise also extends to the bigot Clerk of the Southern District Court in Houston, Texas, "Michael N. Milby", whom called up reporters leaking information about my criminal case knowing that the information will not be favorable [as he did once before in 1984 when I submitted a Civil Action to that Court against TDC, at that time].

            This person was made aware that my Word Processor had been confiscated by these officials at this Polunsky Unit (once known as Terrell), and therefore had to handwrite pleadings on another Civil Action regarding shaving, where I was granted relief then had it taken back, due to this Clerk (Michael V. Milby) intentionally withholding a Traverse Response I failed to answer the defendant in the pending Civil Action & response though, was unable to make additional copies because I ran out of paper.  I had shown the Court (Civil Court) that the Unit Commissary manager refused to sell me writing tablets so, I sent enclosed Certified Legal Size Envelope to the Civil Court Clerk to post a copy of my Traverse Response, stamp file and return a copy to myself, via enclosed stamped envelope and sent me the cost, the clerk never did this, instead, I was once again written up with unfavorable news by a local news reporter, while Assistant Attorney General M. Carol Gardiner made references towards my criminal case (with regards of scaring the Civil Court Judge that should he grant me relief in my pending Civil Action it would release me from death row, which was false) though, the Civil Court Judge took the scare serious enough to dismiss my Civil Action with his prejudice [the judge is Kenneth H. Hoyt].

            Here are some of the 48 plus issues raised on my Original Habeas Corpus Petition that the Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas denied without review.  It appears that no Decent Court in this Southern Region of America is willing to correct an obvious miscarriage of justice so, an all out protest should be addressed to all person[s] and their respective agencies, listed herein should be contacted and demanded that a fully proper examination of all the facts raised in my Original Habeas Corpus Petition be held by a non-bias, non-preducial jurist, especially since the Dick DeQuern's, the Johnny Cochrane's, the Alan Dershowitz's, etc., will never volunteer to take up my case pro-bono so, the only chance I have is the hope of somebody carring enough to demand I receive fairness under law.  This Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas has even gone further in their wrap-sided justice and has resorted into over-burden the few attorneys they have with 8 or more cases at a time and that's too many.  One case alone demands 70 plus hours and take under consideration that these attorneys are under-paid, under-staffed with a limit amount of funding clearly shows why Texas is the leading murderous State in America, not just the South.

            Senators like Patrick Leahy and State Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston, tried to pass legislation to even out the playing field so to speak but blood lusting mascochists "so called" pro-death supporters, conservative right-wing hardliners, etc., has made this extremely impossible yet, they claim to stand for justice for all (which actually means Just-Us) because a member of one local group was charged with raping a young girl in Austin, Texas, though, instead of the group sticking up for the victim, they rallied to free the member and get the charges dismissed.  This is the same group who were silent when a poor black female (on her way to work) ws shot to death on the freeway, another black man shot 5 times in his back, a mentally ill woman shot to death on the freeway (15 or more feet from the shooter) and a poor Mexican male shot to death in his sleep, all murdered by police officers.  Equally, this local group said nothing in regards to the statutory rape charge against an ex-police officer (that have a great many prisoners in prison for long, extended periods), or the two police officers [male & female] abusing two foster children in their care, instead, they come out against people like myself when this very case shows a stronger doubt towards someone other than myself [which the Costitution once held such a case could not be held as grounds to murder someone in the name of justice].

            Under the Islamic Law of Qisas, only the relatives [elder] could demand such harsh punishment under strict guidelines and could remit other form of punishment.  The Queen Mother of the victim in this case stated she did not want me to die yet, her wishes (as the relatives wish in the Florida's Electrocution of Pedro Medina [pbuh]) was ignored by the State, though honored in the case of two service cadets which seem to suggest that this judicial system is really a blood lusting tribunal which preys off the poorest members of their perspective societies.  If any of you wish to donate towards my effort to hire additional attorney, then please contact me.   Your contribution is very much appreciated, thank you.

In Us We Trust
     Yatombi Ikei
A-K-A Anthony L. Pierce
     Texas Death Row


1.    (71 107)  The evidence at trial did not prove Pierce's guilt to a moral certainity and was insufficient to support his conviction.  The conviction was almost solely based on questionable identification by witnesses at the murder scene.  Two of the witnesses allegedly saw the murder through a reflection in the window of the restaurant and identified someone other than Pierce as the perpetrator.  Other witnesses either could not identify or incorrectly identified item of clothing recovered from Pierce when he was arrested a short time after the murder.  Further, there were inconsistencies in the testimonies of the witnesses with regard to the murder scene.  Pierce also notes that trial counsel referred to fingerprints recovered from the restaurant counter that did not match Pierce's.  No gun was recovered nor were there traces of gun powder residue on Piece's hands.

2.    (77 110)  The State failed to disclose material exculpatory evidence.  Two witnesses were paid by the police for their identification of Mr. Pierce as the murderer.  Another witness, Obester Jackson was not charged with an offense in exchange for his testimony against Mr. Pierce.  Arrest records have shown that Mr. Pierce was not fingerprinted before a trace metal test was done on his hands.

3.   (77 128)  Mr. Pierce was denied a fair sentencing hearing because of prosecutorial misconduct, namely the prosecutor's extensive use of false and inadmissible evidence concerning Mr. Pierce's juvenile record.  Specifically the prosecutor surprised the defense at trial with information that Mr. Pierce had purportedly been charged with arson, simple assault, various burglaries, aggravated robbery and roberry.  No documentary evidence of any such acts or charges were offered and virtually all of these allegations were false.  Such charges as Mr. Pierce in fact had as a juvenile were dismissed for lack of evidence or were invalid for various reasons.

4.   (77 146)   Mr. Pierce was denied the effective assistance of counsel at trial.  Defense counsel failed to properly impeach witnesses with available information.  Further, defense counsel failed to show that Mr. Pierce could not have committed the crime because someone much taller than Mr. Pierce had to have shot the gun, based on the angle of the bullet wound.

5.   (77 186)   The trial court improperly admitted evidence of purported extraneous offense of Mr. Pierce.  Witness Elray Mosley said that there had been conflicts between Mr. Pierce and the victim in the restaurant at various times before the day of the murders.  These conflicts could not have occured because Mr. Pierce was in custody at the time they supposedly happened.  The District Attorney's Office should have known about this having access to records regarding Mr. Pierce's custody.

6.   (77 206)   Admission to invalid and unreliable evidence concerning Mr. Pierce's prior judicated criminal acts, many from his juvenile years and some from his time on death row, violated Mr. Pierce's right to a fair sentencing hearing.  Mr. Pierce challenges the accuracy of the testimony of various witnesses.


State Bar of Texas                                    American Bar Association
Texas Law Center                                    Headquarter's Office
1414 Colorado St.                                    705 N. Lake Shore Drive
Austin, Texas  78701                                Chicago, Illinois  60611

Chief Justice                                            George H. Godwin
Thomas R. Phillips                                   5th Criminal Court Bldg.
Supreme Court Bldg.                                174th Judicial District Court
P.O. Box 12248                                       301 San Jacinto Street
Austin, Texas  78711                                Houston, Texas  77002

Chief Circuit Judge                                   Shelia Jackson Lee
Henry A. Polite                                        U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals               Washington, D.C.  20515-4318
Suite 5226, 300 Fannin St.
Shreveport, Louisiana  71101                     Suite 1180, Micky Leland Bldg.
                                                                1919 Smith Street
                                                                Houston, Texas  77002

Senate Judiciary Committee
c/o Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy
Washington, D.C.  20515-6216


As well as to Governor Rick Perry (Governor of Texas) and the Attorney General and the State of Texas Judiciary Committee (of which I haven't the address of), and address the fact that my case was pending long before this Antiterrorist Effective Death Penalty Act and therefore should not be forced under any laws besides those enacted 1977 (the year I was arrested).

    I see now that the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty have also come under the scrutiny of pro US death penalty support groups, as is the norm with anthing that speaks contrary to their beliefs.  A Mr. David Fathi, ACLUs National Prison Project Staff counsel, seem to be of the opinion that whether the information on these Web Sites are inaccurate is not as important an issue than the protection of free speech, which I personally think is an understatement.   The people that are taking the time to put these free Web Sites have a higher regards for humanity than the opposing party (who are totally naive of the laws and practices of the American Judicial System) so, accurate accounts of `miscarriages of justice is just as important as the 1st Amendment right to free speech.  

One Chris Schulz ( a Magnolia resident of Arizona), made a rather profound statement concerning the CCADP when she said, 'paraphrasing,' "put all the facts on these sites and then let the reader readers decide what is truth."  Too many people rush to judgement without reviewing all the facts themselves and 'in blind faith' support a system primarily out of what is viewed as "patriotism" because taking a stance for righteousness in a country, that secretly practices every ill of indecency it reveals of other countries, is viewed as unpatriotic and therefore subject to abuse both physically and mentally.  For this reason alone, arbitrary justice is being dispersed at random.  Whereas these "so called" 'Victims Rights groups' are being led by overzealous antagonist who play on the pains of grieving families to propel themselves pass failed stints. 

Andy Kahan, as I understand, was fired from various TDCJ Employments for stealing a few hundred dollars, while this Houston base "revenge group" that goes by the name of "Justice For All" are even worse.  They all stood silent while minorities, both males and females, was being murdered by elements of this establishment, even rallied to undermine a 12 years old victim who charged one of their members of raping her, yet , they want it known that they stand for something (actually what that something is remains the mystery.)  As for Mrs. Craven (of Parents of Murdered Children)your pains are not ignored because their your.  Ask my mother how does it feel to have her child killed by a physician and no one caring simply because she does not hold the status of recognition under the color of law in this country.

How is it that corrupted firms in this country can get away with dishonorable practices yet, the only people that are being selected for stoning are those whom these, self righteous groups, wishes to silence.  I ask those of you to do me one favour, look at a reflection of yourselves and ask yourself what exactly motivates you now, your quest for vengeance or your quest for righteousness.  What if the person accused of causing your pain is murdered in your name, will your rage cease there or will it simply compel your madness to others quest for vengeance.  And just what if, after it's all said and done, undisputed evidence turns up that exonerates the person that was murdered in your name, who would you blame then ?  Why would you wait to take the risk of that happening when you could just as easily pursue these facts with the same vigor as you are pursuing the murder of a US citizen to be carried out in your name.  I challenge everyone of you to make calls to various attorneys regarding this case and see if the facts on my website, by the CCADP, can be substantiated.  One is California attorney Mary E Conn 831-471-7103;  Anthony P Griffin out of Galveston, Tx.  402-763-9696; Bruce V Griffiths, whom now resides in New Jersey 856-234-9219; ex District Attorney Paul Mabers (who refused to try me twice); Paul Bottei (last known residence was in Tennessee) and Lynn Lamberty, now a Protestant Priest in Kansas City Missouri.  Call and ask each one of them if they feel I am guilty of the crime that I stand a strong chance of being murdered for.  You speak about justice and rights, the laws an procedures were totally disregarded and violated in this case, so I challenge you all to use your resources to collect all the files, facts, evidence etc in this case and see if I am deserving of public redress to right the injustice I recieved since I was arrested for this case 26 years ago.

Article written by :

Yatombi Ikei (aka: ANTHONY L PIERCE)
Polunsky Unit, Death Row
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston Texas

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