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Texas Death Row Prisoner Brittany Holberg writes on the upcoming Texas execution (Feb 24, 2000) of 62 year old great grandmother Bettie Beets.
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I'm addressing this letter to every American out there who believes in American Justice.
Who believes the innocent are freed, and the guilty are punished.  Who believes that our system is based on truth and what's best for our communities, our children, and our own individual safety.

Before I start, I'm not trying to shake your world, just open your eyes to another.
A world where people's lives become stepping stones for promotions and rank.  Its not based on guilt or innocence, or even what's best for the people.  Its based on greed and the all-consuming passion for power.

Most of the time the person targeted as a stepping stone isn't even known for who they are.  No, that would make this all too personal wouldn't it ?
Bettie Beets is a 62 year old great grandmother who is legally deaf.  She has sparkling blue eyes and a beautiful smile.  And the State of Texas wants to kill her on the 24th of February.

What a stepping stone for Texas justice isn't it ?

I'm not implying that the guilty don't deserve punishment. Or that the victims families peace and closure.
But how can murder, whether legal or illegal, close any wound ?

Before coming here I believed in justice for all.  I didn't know my life would be a climb of power, A stepping stone for Justice. Nor did I realize that over 450 other individual lives in Texas were steps as well.
You constantly hear prosecutors say "Don't let this victim become just another number or case file" And I agree.

But isn't that what they do to us ?
How they perceive us ?

Surely Bush couldn't view Bettie Beets as a loving, redeemed 62 yr. old great grandmother. Because then he couldn't step on her to climb that ladder.
No instead she became number 000810.

No so personal sounding is it ?

America is made up of a multitude of religions, race and sexual preferences. Every-one fights for what they believe is right.   It's what makes this country so great , and I'm not targeting, or pointing out any single group, every religion, every race to fight for humanity.  To fight for right and wrong.

Do me a favour, for the next  2 minutes, close your eyes and imagine some-one telling you  " Your daughter or mother will die at 6pm on this date, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. "
Whether guilty or innocent, how does that make you feel ?

So many of us loose emotion, we detach our feelings to protect ourselves.  We build imaginary walls around our world, and that's where we choose to live.  It's safe, its secure there.  But when pain or tragedy, pushes down those walls, we feel invaded.

The people in Texas have been invaded by a system that uses human lives to climb the ladder of power whether the officials want to see to or not, the people can.

Bettie Beets is a woman who loves and laughs. She cries and hurts just like you.  She wants to live, please help save her !

Brittany Holberg
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