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"Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me."

Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer criticized Gov. George W. Bush Tuesday
for making fun of an executed Texas woman in an interview Bush gave to Talk magazine.

"I think it is nothing short of unbelievable that the governor of a major state running for
president thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he decided to put to death," Bauer said of Bush.

Bush is portrayed in Talk as ridiculing pickax killer Karla Faye Tucker of Houston for an interview she did
 with CNN broadcaster Larry King shortly before she was executed last year. Just before her execution date,
Tucker appealed for clemency on the grounds that she had become a born-again Christian.

Karla Faye Tucker Remembered

George Bush orders the killing of the
first woman in Texas since the 1860's

"Please," Bush whimpers,
his lips pursed in mock desperation,
"don't kill me"

Houston Chronicle 08/10/1999

Read the poem  KINGS ANCIENT FLAW by Jorge CordovaGeorge Cordova - Texas
one of George Bush's 100 victims who was executed in Texas Feb 10, 1999 

The Bush people knew we were on to them so they registered the following:
The Official Bush Pages . . . Seriously !
All paid for by Bush 2000 campaign

  From a Texas death row inmates death certificate
cause of death listed:

Homicide ordered by George Bush

" And the eyes of the world are watching now . . ."
From the song Biko, by Peter Gabriel

  Canada Remembers Stan Faulder 
  Canadian Joseph Stanley Faulder

Presidential Candidate George W. Bush  Kills Canadian Stan Faulder
June 17, 1999 . . .     After ignoring the international outcry  !

Mr. Faulder was on Death Row 15 years before the Canadian government even learned of his imprisonment, contrary to international treaty (Vienna Convention)

Join the international community (and many Americans!) by keeping your tourist dollars OUT of Texas.
Besides, as Stan Faulder learned, its NOT SAFE to visit Texas.
If you fall into police custody there, whether rightly or wrongly,
you may not be able to contact your country !

Take a stand for human rights...

International Tourist Boycott Of Texas

The Texecutioner President George W. Bush
152 People Killed as Governor...More than any elected official in US History!
152 People Killed as Governor of Texas...

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The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now
"The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now"

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