Governor Bush seen above endorsing his Law and Order agenda.
    The Killer who would be president...

Of the 131 cases where a Death Row inmate has been executed in Texas under George W. Bush :

 * 40 involved trials where the defense attorneys presented no evidence or only one witness during the sentencing phase.

 *  29 included a psychiatrist who gave testimony that the American Psychiatric Association condemned as unethical and untrustworthy.

* 43 included defense attorneys publicly sanctioned for misconduct - either before or after their work on these cases.

* 23 included jailhouse informants, considered to be among the least credible of witnesses.

* 23 included visual hair analysis, which has consistently proved unreliable.

                                         -  Source The Chicago Tribune
      International Outrage Over Bush's "Texecutions"

George W. Bush has presided over 130 executions in the state of  Texas as Governor, and it appears there's no end in sight.  Despite being condemned by the Government of France as being
"A serial killer unfit to be the next US President" Bush still wants the opportunity to destroy America's international reputaion and further strain relations between America and its allies...

    Government of France Outraged over Execution of Odell Barnes...

"The execution of Odell Barnes is an assassination," said Jack Lang, the chairman of
 the French National Assembly's foreign affairs committee.
 Lang flew to Texas last month to intervene on Barnes' behalf and met Barnes in his prison in
 "How can Governor Bush pretend to aspire to the presidency of the United States after having
 perpetrated such a crime ?   What credit would he have to demand respect for human rights
 around the world when he was the instigator of such a barbaric act ?"
 The leading French politician and rights campaigner, said the execution of Odell Barnes late
 Wednesday amounted to an assassination and that he was ``revolted and indignant'' by this
 "barbaric act." The execution made headline news in France, where President Jacques Chirac
 and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin intervened on Barnes behalf.

          Remember when Bush executed Canadian Stan Faulder ?
                  The Canadians Do !
            International Tourist Boycott Of Texas

Since announcing an international tourist boycott of the Lone Star State, the Canadians have gone on to post over 1/3 of  Texas death row inmates online, including a page dedicated to Bush's victims....
               Visit their "Serial President" webpage for more info. on "The Texecutioner"

    What do these 3 religious leaders have in common ?

                Pat Robertson                Archbishop Desmond Tutu                 The Pope

All 3 have asked Bush to stop executions and show mercy
  They've all been ignored by Governor Bush

                    Compassionate Conservative huh ?
      There is Methodist to his Madness !
" It's not the governor's role to decide who goes to heaven. I believe that God decides who goes to heaven, not George W. Bush." -- George W. Bush, in the Houston Chronicle.

          And you thought Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge was his running mate !
                                                   Jesus Christ as running mate ?

                            See Governor Bush Dancing with Jesus  !

                                Governor Pilate For president ?
Clemency for Jesus or Barbaras ?   Lethal Injection vs. Crucifixion    Karla Faye Tucker or Henry Lee Lucas ?

                                                             666 ?
                                                            The mark of the Bush ?
                                  Some even claim that "W' is the Anti-Christ !

Visit the webpage that got the Bush Campaign talking about legal action ! ! !



                                           Denying allegations of drug use
                                           Hundreds of Texas Death Row inmates await execution !
                                           Killing people instead for kicks

        Who's killed more people than The Manson Family ?

What does Governor Bush have to say about all this . . . ?


    This webpage is dedicated to the memory of Bush's 130+ executions

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