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    "...The government tries to instill hatred, distrust and indifference in the public through the media.

    Very often, most people do not even think about the lonely and completely abandoned persons
    behind bars... we are sort of like; ·out of sight, out of mind. Truthfully, we are real people with
    hopes, fears and feelings. Yes, most of us have made grave mistakes and some are guilty...
    However, contrary to what the establishment would have the public believe, some of us are
    actually innocent!!  The bottom-line is, we all are Human Beings! "
                                   - James Heard, Death Row, San Quentin

Andre Alexander - San Quentin
Andre is a 47 year old father on death row at San Quentin.  Please visit his page for his essay on the Clinton debacle and the justice system, and examples of his artwork. Watch this page for much more information on his case to come.

Rosie Alfaro, Sentenced To Die At 18 Years Old
Rosie has been a death row inmate for 8 years now, since she was 18 years old.  She is on death row in California, and currently resides at California Institute For Women.  Her page includes her pen pal request.  Please take a moment to click the button above to vote for Rosie's site.

James Anderson - Acclaimed Death Row Artist Needs Urgent Medical Care
A collection of documents, letters, and articles relating to James Anderson's art, case, inadequate legal representation, and his urgent medical condition.   His page includes some examples of his  wonderful artwork.   James asks that you please help by writing to demand he receive needed medical care.

Thomas Battle - Death Row San Quentin   
includes his Thomas Battle is a young man relatively new to Death Row.  He is seeking friends, his page includes his penpal request and poetry.

Chay'im Ben-Sholom / Marshall, Death Row, San Quentin
Chay' im is 33 years old, and a California Death Row inmate.  The photo here is taken from his time in the US army in 1983.  He is currently working on a theology major from San Quentin, being offered by Patten College of Oakland, CA.  His page includes his photo album with many pictures of Chay'im and his friends and family, and his pen pal request. His page includes many examples of his artwork, including original characters as well as more familiar ones !

John G. Brown - Art from Death Row, California
" This case has been retried in 1999 and I have been found guilty again and am again on Death Row having been re-sentenced to death for a crime I didn't commit."  Visit his webpage for his pen pal request and his artwork. "His pictures are colored pencil drawings depicting little nurses, little doctors, a little party as well as a little child petting an animal I believe."-(From his cousin)

Andre Burton - A Message To Society From San Quentin
Read Andre's Composition "A Message To Society" which he writes from San Quentin's Death Row.  He writes of his opinions of society, families, the US prison system, and his religious convictions.   He asks that you copy and distribute his message to church, school and youth groups

Tracy Cain - Memories From The Dust, Death Row San Quentin
Tracy Cain was raised in Los Angeles and spent several years living in Arizona.  He has been on Death Row for ten years where he has developed deep aspirations in becoming a writer. Now, 35, Cain seeks with his writings to enlighten youth struggling with the realities of the urban jungle.  At present he is actively pursuing courses in English and History.  His page includes writings, including one in which he writes of the death of his mother and brother in Jonestown, Guyana (Jim Jones)

Steve Champion (Adisa Akanni Kamara) - California
Steve A. Champion,  now Adisa Akanni Kamara, is a Death Row prisoner at San Quentin prison. He was raised in "South Central" Los Angeles. A former "Crip" gang member, he's been incarcerated since the age of 18. He is conversant in Philosophy, Political Science,  Economics,  Revolutionary Ideology, Comparative Religion, and African History.  Champion received an Honorary Mention in the 1995 Pen Prison writing contest for his short story entitled "Escort".

Kenneth Clair - Death Row, California
"With the passing of each day, I may be one day closer to the end of my life on this planet we call earth.  So at this most important time in my life, I've decided that I would like to make some new friends."   Visit Kenneth's webpage for his photos and pen pal request.

William Clark - Shocking But True Story
William Clark is a San Quentin, California death row inmate who insists that he is innocent.  His page includes a lengthy essay by William on case against him, charging and detailing issues of prosecutorial and police misconduct.  He's putting out a call to activists to get involved, to write him, and to contribute to his defense.

H. J. Coddington - Artwork Available from San Quentin's Death Row
Visit his page to read his essay and view examples of his artwork. Mr. Coddington will also create art to order, contact him directly for purchase information... " I was an author of gambling 'how to' books and professional  "21" card counter and poker player. I played in casinos worldwide."

Scott Collins - On California's Death Row at San Quentin
Scott Collins is a California death row prisoner of Irish ancestry.  He is trying to petition the Irish government for assistance.  His page includes his writings, "Irish Thoughts From An American Death Row", and "Justice American Style."   He is 30 years old and has been on death row since 1993.

Kevin Cooper - Innocent on California's Death Row ?
"...Josh Ryen, sole survivor of the attack, has always maintained that three white or Hispanic men killed his family. Josh and his grandmother have supported Kevin Cooper's defense team and question Kevin's guilt."   Visit his CCADP page, for links to his official homepage and more information on his case and wrongful conviction.

Glenn Cornwell - Writings From Death Row, San Quentin
Glenn is an excellent and proficient writer on death row in San Quentin.  We are proud to present some of his wonderful writings on this page. Many more to come! He is also the proud father of a daughter now in her 20's.

Mark Christopher Crew - Death Row, San Quentin, California
Mark is a death row inmate at California's San Quentin Prison who just turned 45 years old on Christmas Day 1999.    " I've been incarcerated almost 17 years, the last 8 of that on Death Row." Mark's webpage includes his pen-pal request as well as some of his artwork.

Armenia Levi Cudjo Jr. - Writings from San Quentin Prison, California
Armenia Cudjo has been on California's death row since June 6, 1989 - condemned to death for a crime he claims he did not commit !   The primary thesis of most Armenia's essays are arguments against capital punishment. He also writes about civil rights issues.  His page currently features an essay entitled : Capital Punishment - A Journey of Death For 4000 Years - more writings to come soon . . .

Al Cunningham - Writings from San Quentin's Death Row
Al Cunningham is a San Quentin death row prisoner.  His page includes a collection of his writings and essays, including  Surviving, Black Imprisonment, and Tide Turning Against the Death Penalty, as well as contact information.

Richard Allen Davis- San Quentin's Death Row, California
Richard was convicted a high profile killing in California.  The case garnered international attention.  Richard writes, "I don't have no complaints about my due, as you can see by my photo, I have lived a life inside the walls, it is almost as though this is "home sweet home", sad but true.  The most often thought that I do have, is wondering if for someone such as myself, can one ever fall back in love with life again, for myself, I feel that I do not have that right, or even the time spent considering such a thought. "  His page includes his letter, pen pal request, legal disclaimer, as well as many examples of his handcrafted work.

Keith Doolin - Innocent on Death Row in California
Keith Zon Doolin is a death row prisoner in California.  His page includes extensive case information, evidence, information from his attorney, several family photographs, and a link to his official homepage, maintained by his mother.

Robert Edwards - Death Row, California
Robert Edwards is a 40 year old California prisoner, on death row for the past 5 years. "...I am looking for someone to be my eyes and ears to the outside world.  Someone to help me hold onto my sanity through their friendship when I struggle.  And vice versa... " His webpage includes his poetry, short story "Down and Out.", pen pal request and photos.

Michael Flinner - Death Row California
Michael Flinner has been on death row since Nov 2003; after being convicted of involvement in the 2000 murder of his gilfriend.  In his words - "
In my case, the prosecutor used the testimony of jailhouse and paid informants. They certainly are not beneath coercing witnesses to manufacture evidence. In fact, they will do whatever is necessary to win a case. They are not remotely interested in justice, only winning...."

Daniel Frederickson - Help For Legal Education Needed - California
Daniel is a 36 year old Native American who has been on death row for two years.  He defended himself in propria persona during his trial.  He is currently seeking assistance from people willing to assist him in continuing his legal education.  More information on his page.

Jerry Frye - Death Row, California
Jerry Frye has been on California's death row since 1988.  His page includes a lengthy letter from Jerry, case information, photos, legal contact information.  In his words, "There is a truck load of things I haven't mentioned. The main thing is that I never had a fair trial or anything, thanks to the local idiots in Amador County CA, and this sorry state system."

Richard Gamache - Refuse To Lose
"Given my set of circumstances that may seem excessively optimistic. But, just because I am condemned to death doesn't mean I have to stop living."  Visit his webpage for more information
and his pen pal request.

Randy Garcia - California Death Row
Randy was born in 1970 and has been on death row since 1995.  His page includes several photos, poetry, and Randy's pen pal request.

Raymond Gurule-Poetry From San Quentins' Death Row
Raymond A. Gurule ( "Apache"), is 40 years old and has been on Death Row in San Quentin, California for 18 years.  He is a Native American from the White Mountain Apache Tribe.   He is an accomplished artist and poet,  we have put up two of his poems online to share with you.  We hope to add more in the future.  Raymond has  little contact with the outside world.  This is his web debut and he would much appreciate any letters or cards.  Financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.  PLEASE HELP !

Cedric Harrison - San Quentin State Prison
Cedric has been on death row in San Quentin for a  1987 murder he was accused of based on a statement given to police by someone who never even came to court to testify.  Cedric is asking for a new trial and calls his trial a travesty of justice.  His page includes an essay on the death penalty by Cedric.

Carlos Hawthorne - (Jamal Fahim Hassan)  Poetry
Carlos is 22 years old, and writes poetry from death row at San Quentin.   Carlos says of himself: "I've made monumental mistakes on my journey called life.   I am striving to repent to God in changing my behavior done in ignorance with a new attitude and practice conciousness God fearing, affectionate and considerate"  He'd like you to take a moment to read his poems and pen pal request.

James Heard - San Quentin, Writing From Behind The Walls
James Heard is a San Quentin death row inmate searching for his Birth Parents !  In James' words - "The government tries to instill hatred, distrust and indifference in the public through  the  media. Very often, most people do not even think about  the lonely andcompletely abandoned persons behind bars...Truthfully, we are real people  with hopes,fears and feelings.  Yes, most of us have made grave mistakes and  some  are guilty...However, contrary to what the establishment  would have the public  believe,  some  of  usare actually innocent...  the bottom line is we all are Human Beings!"  His page includes his complete letter, as well as lots of poetry and some other photos.

Kiongozi R. Jones Sr. - His outcry is for help
"I am an innocent man on death row, he cries out, being a victim of social injustice and for which I am in chains is that I pray someone will hear my cry for help and come forth as an angel.  In my quest for justice and freedom."  Visit Kiongozi's webpage for more information on his case, his pen pal request and his award by a member of congress July 15, 1995 before his incarceration.

Randy Kraft - Death Row, California
Randy Kraft is a California death row prisoner accused of a series of murders.  He was a computer programmer at one time, and has been on California's death row since 1989.  His page currently includes some brief information provided by Randy.  In future - he will be posting much legal and court materials. He asks that you contact his attorney if you are interested in assisting him in his defense.
Andrew Lancaster (Mustafa Talib) Death Row, California
is a socio - political writer of the Islamic faith.  Before his incarceration he was involved with the Black Liberation Army in California.  Many of his writings reflect on the negative portrayal of Islam by the US media.  His page includes an extensive collection of essays regarding Islam, society, and world politics.  The essays and ideas expressed on these pages are Mustafa's, for comment or queries please write to the author directly.

Darrell Lomax - Poetry and Songs From Death Row
 Darrell Lomax is a California death row prisoner born in 1970 who has been on death row since the mid 1990's.  His page includes his penpal request, and a series of poems and songs he has written since his arrival on death row.

Franklin Lynch - California Death Row
In Franklin's words : "Although I'm not sure whether or not you're pro or anti death penalty.  I was just hoping that your perception of our judicial system would allow you to empathize with my adversity and influence a positive response.   Also !  Understanding that your time is very valuable, will you please! take another moment to read this page, with sincere consideration ?  Thank you !"

James Marlow - Death Row, California
James Marlow is a California death row prisoner who is on death row for a series of killings committed along with his girlfriend at the time Cynthia Coffman.  He had previously spent time in Folsom prison where he became known as the Folsom Wolf.  His page includes his pen pal request and poetry, as well as 'The Story of Peter,' which takes place in Biblical times.
Lawrence McClane - Death Row,  California
Lawrence McClane was on death row in the state of California. Recently resentenced) - Visit his webpage to read his poem " Friends " and see his pen pal request. He has recently been moved from San Quentin prison to Folsom State Prison (Sacramento) in order to attend attend upcoming court dates for his appeal.
Joseph M. Montes III - San Quentin's Death Row, California
Joseph Montes is 26 years old and a California death row prisoner.  His page includes a brief testimonial of how he became a Christian while on death row, and his pen pal request.

Charles Ng - Extradited from Canada to Face Death in California
"Life is fleeting and my fate is at best uncertain.  Therefore I desire to hear from new friends and reconnect with people who had touched my life and heart in the past, but with whom I have lost touch due to circumstances beyond my control. "  Visit Charles webpage for his pen pal request, and how to contact him through his supporters.

Scott Peterson - Official Personal Webpage
" At mail call I am encouraged by, and enjoy hearing from people.  I wish I could respond to express my gratitude, and continue to correspond.  However, people having sold my notes, and sometimes fabricating content, preclude me from doing so.  It is an irritating, unfortunate situation."  Visit Scott's webpage for his comments, legal documents and links to more websites about his case.

Christopher E Poore - Innocent Man On Death Row ?
"Wrongfully convicted and facing death at the hands of the state of California, this plight did not come without a cause. My name is Christopher Poore.  Palm Springs, November 1999 - a dangerous distributor of illicit drugs to minors is killed. Although certainly not one of humanity's better examples, all human life has value. While my concience is clear, this state still seeks to end mine.  Drug addicts themselves, the victims roomates perjured testimomy resulted in a first degree murder conviction against me.  ironically enough, they were found in possession of the victims personal property and vehicle after fingering me as as suspect.  Although numerous contradictions between actual testimony and physical evidence existed (at the very least raising reasonable doubt) not only was I convicted but subsequently sentenced to death."   Page includes detailed case info and penpal request.

Billy Ray Riggs Poetry From Behind San Quentin's Walls
A collection of art and poetry by Billy Ray Riggs, 51 year old San Quentin inmate.  Please also read his request for penpals.  Billy Ray Riggs says he wishes to change the perception people have of incarcerated men.

James Robinson-Live Life With Moral And Intellectual Courage
James is currently researching and writing a novel from San Quentins death row.  Information on his case will be coming soon, for now we have posted a collection of words from James. James desperately needs a typewriter to assist him in getting his works ready to submit to a publisher.  PUBLISHERS...
Please contact James or the CCADP ! 

Glen Rogers - Sentenced to Death in Florida, and California
Glen Rogers was sentenced to death in Florida in 1997.  Just days later he was sentenced to death for seperate charges in California.  Charges are pending in several other states.  Glen's page includes his letter, family photos, his essays on Sondra London and her forged webpage on him, and on the justice system, legal documents regarding the extradition to California, and letters to Glen from his attorney.

Richie Roldan - Death Row, California
Richie Roldan is a death row prisoner at San Quentin.  In his words, "Is there anyone out there who wants to know what's really going on in the concentration camp of California's death row ?  And how one comes to be in such a hell.  An innocent man's plight and adversity through a brutal and corrupt system that breaks the will of the strongest of men."  His page includes his poetry and pen pal request.

Christopher Sattlewhite - Essays From Death Row
Christopher's page includes writings on the US justice / prison system; request for books and learning materials; and his penpal request.

Ron Seaton - Art From Death Row in California
Ron is 53 years old and a San Quentin death row prisoner.  He is also an artist.  His page includes some photos, several examples of his artwork, and his pen pal request.

Gregory Smith : The Challenge, other writings
Gregory Smith is a talented writer writing from San Quentin's death row, also seeking penpals,
he hopes that you will take a moment to read his short story "The Challenge," about a basketball game taking place at San Quentin between prisoners.

Gregory Tate - Fiction And Commentary From California Death Row
Gregory Tate is an African American man on death row in California.  His page includes his writings, including "Fantasy,"  "The Neglected Woman," and  "The Visit."   More of his writings to come, so check back and watch this space.

Mark Thornton - Death Row, San Quentin, California
Mark Scott Thornton is a death row inmate at California's San Quentin Prison. Mark has been
incarcerated since October 1993 and came to death row May 15, 1995.   His webpage includes photo's of Mark, a sample of some of his original artwork as well as a pen-pal request seeking support.

Richard Tully - Artist On California's Death Row
Richard Tully is a talented painter on Death Row in California.  His page includes his writings, as well as many examples of his paintings, which you can purchase.  In his words, "Rather than asking for a hand out, I am hoping for a helping hand up... I also do pet portraits as well as portraits of home, businesses, etc."  Please visit his page and check out his beautiful artwork.

Melvin Turner - San Quentin's Death Row, Greeting Cards and Calenders
Melvin Turner is a death row prisoner in San Quentin, California.  He has been on death row since 1980.  He has created a copyrighted line of greeting cards and calendars (both inspirational, and 'adults only,') which are available for sale to aid in his defense fund.  Page includes photos of Melvin and his calenders, a letter from Melvin, and more.

Ward Weaver - Death Row - San Quentin
"I am on death row at San Quentin Prison and have been using my time to develop my desire to be a writer and currently have several novels that I am pursuing to get published so that I can leave behind a legacy, my name in published print." Visit Ward's webpage for his writing "Who's to Blame", Ward's pen pal request and photo, as well as links to other pages.

Bob R. Williams Jr. - Death Row San Quentin, California
Bob Williams Jr. is a San Quentin death row prisoner.  His page includes some examples of his art work, a biography, and some of his poetry, as well as his pen pal request.

Andreau G. Wilson - Death Row San Quentin, California
"I am interested in pen pal friends thats willing to talk universal when it comes to religion study Al - Islam as I am Ali Mosheikh Bey, Buddhism as I am Wu El Kowtow, Christianity as I am Minister Dremo, Hinduism as I am Gurudeva Kriya Indra, Judaism as I am Roi Jahdeel." Visit his page for details.
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         California Department of Corrections

     Executed California Prisoners

                      "...Jaturun's life.  As difficult as it may be for our Roman-based,
                   Judaeo-Christian culture to comprehend, Jaturun's Buddhist beliefs
              prevent him from acting as a witness against the actual perpetrator of the murders.
            That is -- from a Buddhist perceptive -- if Jaturun  cooperated as a witness for the state
               he would be morally responsible for the perpetrator's suffering and death,
                                     should (s)he be imprisoned and/executed.
                    From Jaturn Siripongs page -' A Buddhist Monk: The Annointed One'

                   Executed By Lethal Injection
Jaturun Siripongs - Executed February 9, 1999 in San Quentin, California
Thai citizen and devout Buddhist Jaturun Siripongs was executed at San Quentin, CA on February 9th.  Mr Siripongs had gathered much support, including the support of San Quentin's former warden, guards, the husband of one of the victims, and the Government of Thailand.  Jaturun (Jay) Siripongs admitted to being at the crime, but insisted he was not the killer. Jay was a prolific artist who used his time on death row to create over 700 beautiful paintings, most of which he gave away as gifts to friends and attorneys.  Visit Jaturn's webpage to view some of his artwork, news about his case, photo's and more...
Frank Carter died of a heart attack on August 21st, 2001 in his cell.

Frank Dean Carter - A Prolific Poet In San Quentin
 Frank had a poem published by Quill Books in the book "Promise To Keep."  Here is a collection of poems that Frank has sent us to be placed online, please take a moment to read them.  We will be placing many, many more of his poems online soon, so please keep checking back for more on a regular basis.
  Other Executed California Death Row Prisoners: News / Pages

Execution of Thomas Thompson - ACLU op-ed
The Execution of Thomas Thompson Raises Difficult Questions about the Death Penalty, By Dorothy Ehrlich, ACLU-NC Executive Director. Date Posted: 7/25/98. Aired as a KQED Perspective - July 23, 98.

     Other Links to California Death Row Resources

         Other California Death Row Prisoners Pages / Pen Pals

Fernando Eros Caro - Fernando Eros Caro Defense Committee
From is this site for Fernando, a native American on California's death row.
Page includes a letter from Fernando detailing current events surrounding his appeals, information
on how you can help, and contact information at San Quentin.
Also see: Stop the Execution of Native American on death row - More on Fernando Caro

Dead Man Talking by Dean Carter
One of the first ever death row prisoner sites online.  Dean is currrently an inmate at San Quentin Prison in California and is awaiting his fate on "Death Row". His page includes his writings on what it is like as you wait to die. 

Justice For Scott Peterson - Scott Peterson Support Page  
"An Exreme Injustice, the trial with the media circus and runaway jury."  Supporters of Scott Peterson have set up this extensive web site with another view on the media frenzied Peterson case.  

Prison Angels' List of California Death Row Penpals

Voices From Inside - California Death Row Penpals

   California Anti-Death Penalty Organizations / Advocates

Death Penalty Focus Of California
California Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Amnesty International's California Death Penalty Team
California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty

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Actor Mike Farrell And The Death Penalty
Fiscal State Letter Regarding the Cost of the Death Penalty
State's List of Current Condemned Inmates
9th Circuit '96 Opinion that Gas Chamber is Unconstitution
Death Penalty Defense Updates
The Cost of The Death Penalty In California
California Death Penalty Defense Manual
Photos of California's Death Row
California prisoner Michael Hunter writes about death row

                Meet The Texecutioner President George W. Bush
                152 People Killed as Governor...More than any elected official in US History!
              152 People Killed as Governor... More than any elected official in US History!

                The CCADP offers free webpages to over 500 Death Row Prisoners
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            The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now
                                                        "The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now"

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