Poetry From San Quentin's Death Row
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            Jamal Fahim Hassan
 (born : Carlos A. Hawthorne)

Hello friend...How are you?  Fine! I most sincerely hope, as for myself I'm doing super - terrific.
Well...you may not know me, so let me take up a little of your precious time where-as I can give you a brief description of my personality.
But first...I would like for you to assume a comfortable position, and let these words of wisdom flow through your mind and soul.
As I paint this small picture on the wall of your mind and sparkle a little chocolate over your life, I want you to understand that I am 22 years of age, but believe me friend my mentality level is far beyond that.  I've sought my excellent potential as a human being, at such a youthful age.
My name is Carlos Anthony Hawthorne, but I prefer to be called "Jamal"...however you are welcome to refer to me by whatever makes you feel comfortable.
I cam into the world on the 8th month, 8th day  in the year of 1976.  I have short black wavy hair and almond shaped dark brown eyes, 5'9 1/2 " tall, 170 pounds, I have smooth dark reddish chocolate complected skin, with a body that just won't quit :).
If you would like for your life to be enhanced in a professional manner, then here is your milk and honey!  Roses are  red and violets are blue, if I were looking for love I'd pick me if I were you.
 I have learned quite a bit because of my past experiences.  In my own travels I have seen many things and learned more than I can put into words.  Anyone can claim to be your friend but are friends in name only.  Flutes and harps make fine  music, but knowledge and experience is better than both.  I intend to  reach out for that special someone with a few special qualities within themselves.  God fearing, good moral character, between 25 and 50. Ethnic group God shall choose for me.  I've made monumental mistakes on my journey called life.  I am striving to repent to God in changing my behavior done in ignorance with a new attitude and practice conciousness God fearing, affectionate and considerate.  Dear friend I welcome to open up communication with you.
                                                           Mr Carlos A Hawthorne
                                             P O Box 67900
                                 San Quentin State Prison
                                   San Quentin CA 94974

    Poetry From San Quentin's Death Row
 Poetry by Carlos Hawthorne - Page 1  Poetry by Carlos Hawthorne - Page 2

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