Cedric Harrison  
                            Death Row, San Quentin
        The Death Penalty: Hope and Despairity 
                              An essay by Cedric Harrison

         The above image and the information below provided by Cedric Harrison

       "The Truth - A Travesty Of Justice"
                 A note from Cedric . . .

       "The year was 1987, the 30th day of August, Superior Court,
                County of Alameda, City of Oakland, State of California...a man
                was subjected to a miscarriage of justice, and as a result a sentence
                of death was imposed !  Instantly, this man was taken away to San
                Quentin State Prison, to await execution by lethal injection.
                Why ? ? ?
                (Because) another man whom is / was known by police, simply gave
                the police a "written" and "verbal" statement, saying "I was there."
                "I saw him do it." . . . Thats it ! ! !   Now, this man, never came to
                court to testify to this statement !  Strange thing, this other man
                was in fact charged with the crimes, but for some strange reason,
                the charges were dismissed against him !   Why ? ? ?   Because this
                man is / was a paid informant for the Oakland Police Department, who
                in fact also arrested for these crimes of two counts of first degree
                murder, but decided with the assistance (coercion) as in compel, force,
                and frightening., to avoid the death penalty by fabricating as in build ,
                 construct, trump up, make up, and to concoct a story, and placing the
                 blame for these unspeakable crimes on someone else, that someone
                 else now sits on California's death row.  Another strange thing is
                 that during the travesty / trial, there was never any physical evidence
                 that even remotely pointed the finger at me, who unjustly was then
                 convicted of crimes that I did not commit, and the real evidence can
                 show this fact if only I am given a fair opportunity / new trial, fair
                 opportunity, new trial ; fair opportunity, new trial. ..There are in fact
                 active forces that don't want this to happen in order to sweep this
                 travesty underneath that "big carpet" of inequity, to prevent real
                 justice from coming to the light.
                Become a part of this solution ! ! !
                 help "expose" this travesty of justice, travesty of justice, help bring
                forth the truth . . .  w / love              CEDRIC

                   Some Legal Transcripts

PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA,  Plaintiffs                 Case # 90719/95716

On April 27, 1987 at approximately 3:10 am Off. P. Fuller 7496-p of the Oakland Police Patrol Division went to 8225 A Street, and found Betty Thompson female/black 5 Jan 53, date of birth and Leroy Robinson male/ black 29 May 41, date of birth lying in the driveway alongside the apartment building.  Both Thompson and Robinson were shot in the head and were taken to Alameda County Hospital where they both died approximately two hours later.  Your affiant was assigned the investigation of this case and was at the scene at approximately 4:15am.  Your affiant observed a severe blood loss by both victims at the scene.  The shooting appeared drug related based upon the statements taken from witnesses at the scene, indicating that the victims had asked for either their money  back or some good dope to the residents of apartment A.  After this the victims walked to the side of the building where they were shot.  A six page Oakland Police report was taken on this incident by Off. Fuller.  The report numbers are 87-48263 and 87-48264 and are incorporated with this  affidavit as Exhibit A.

On April 27, 1987 at approximately 9:30am Sgt. R. Paniagna 6900-C attended the autopsy of Betty Thompson conducted by Dr. VanMeter, pathologist for the Alameda County Coroners Office.  Thompson had one bullet go through her head and a second bullet struck the back of her head but did not enter. The bullet and fragments were recovered and remitted to the Oakland Police Property Section.

On April 27, 1987 at approximately 9:30am Sgt. J. Vargas '491-C attended the autopsy of Leroy Robinson conducted by Dr. Rogers, a pathlogist for the Alameda County Coroners Office.  The entry of a single bullet was made in the head area with it being recovered.  The recovered bullet was remitted to the Oakland Police Property Section.

On May 4, 1987 at about 9:30am Off. M.  Pruitt 6583-P Oakland Police went to 1442 86th Ave Oakland Ca.  At that location he spoke to Olin Davis, male/ black dob 17 Dec 56.  Davis related the following to Off. Pruitt.  Robert Williams male/black dob 21Sep50 and he got into a fight over $100 which Williams allegedly took from Davis. Both Williams and  Davis suffered
lacerations to the head which later required medical treatment.   In his possession Williams also had a pistol a 25 caliber automatic chrome plated which he threatened to shoot Davis with twice.  On both occasions while pointing the firearm at Davis the gun misfired.  Jesse Slaughter male/black dob 13 Feb 58 then was observed by Davis to fire one shot from a revolver 38 calibre into the ground.  Slaughter is believed to be the uncle of Williams.  Davis then went to a phone booth on E14th Street to call  the police.  When he returned back to his residence 1442 86th Ave he saw Williams exit from the front door of his home.  At this time the only other person inside the residence was Davis' 11 year old son Eugene Davis.  Shortly after, this Davis' home was on fire.  OFD D. Catano#2046 stated that the cause of fire was an arson, started in two separate places with a combustible material.  Williams was subsequently arrested for Arson 451(b) PC.  A five page Oakland Police report was taken on this incident by Off. Pruitt.  The report number is 87-51261 and is incorporated with this affidavit as exhibit B.

On May 4, 1987 at about 9:40pm Off. C. Galindo 7545-P Oakland Police went to 9469 Skyline Blvd. Oakland Ca. on a report of a shooting.  At this location Off. Salindo found Olin Davis slumped up against the rear garage door suffering from a gunshot wound to the face.  Davis was unable to speak and wrote on a piece of paper that "Cedric", shot him.  He further indicated that Cedric lived next to 1420 86th Ave in the rear of the Oakland Boys Club and that he was in a blue station wagon.  At approximately 10:05pm the same evening Cedric Harrison male/black dob 2Jan   called the police department and stated that he had been shot in the right forearm while sitting in front of his house with his brother.  He could not describe the person responsible or the vehicle responsible for this shooting.  Off. R.E. Williams 7114-P was told by Oakland Police Communications KMA3Ol that Harrison was a suspect in the shooting which occurred on Skyline Blvd.  Off. Williams then placed Harrison under arrest for Assault with a Deady  Weapon 245(a) (2)PC.  Off. Williams also located a 1982 Pontiac station wagon blue California license IRNC58S parked in the next door driveway at 1431 86th Ave.  Harrison gave his residence to the reporting officers as 1425 86th Ave. Oakland.  An eiqht page Oakland Police report was taken on this incident by Off.  Galindo.  The report number is 87-51720 and is incorporated with this affidavit as exhibit C.  In this report Olin Davis stated that he knew who killed someone named Bettie Thompson.  While doing evidence processing of the vehicle
Off. N. Ng 7531-C retrieved three 380 calibre round of ammunition and observed blood stains in the vehicles interior.  California Department of Motor Vehicle records show the vehicle registered to Marlee J. Harrison 1425 86th Ave Oakland.

On May 5, 1987 at about 10:15am Sgt. G. Medsker 6510-C and your affiant went to Alameda County Hospital.  Inside room #7111 we made contact with Olin Davis.  Davis was still unable to speak due to the gunshot wound to his face.  Your affiant asked Davis questions regarding the shooting and homicide and Davis wrote his responses on a pad of paper with Sgt. Medsker taking notes.  Davis stated the following regarding the murder of Betty Thompson and Leroy Robinson.  Davis related that two days after the incident which occurred on a recent Sunday night he spoke to Cedric Harrison at his residence 1442 86th Ave.  Harrison told Davis that he shot Betty and her old man.  He shot the old man in the neck one time and Betty twice in the head.  Davis related that the killing was over heroin and that he recently became aware that Harrison was a heroin user.  Davis stated that the same gun which he was shot with by Harrison was also used in the murder.  Davis identified the firearm as a revolver 38 calibre from a firearms identification photo, Oakland Police Department report writing manual insert T-13.  Davis related that Harrison keeps the firearm in his house or on his person at all times, as Harrison works for Jesse Slaughter as an enforcer in the drug sales business.  Davis has known Harrison since 1981 and has been recently within the last two months been selling cocaine for Slaughter. In this conversation which Davis had with Harrison they were alone with no one else present.

Davis related that he spoke to "Rick" several days after he spoke to Harrison. He stated that Rick was with Cedric Harrison when the murder was committed. Rick told Davis this and said that Cedric was the shooter.  Rick did not state what his part in the shooting was.  Davis has known Rick since 1983 and that he resides in a house on the west side of 86th Ave two houses south of Holly Street which is beige and brown in color.  Davis further related that Rick drives a brown Cutlass.  Rick and Davis were alone during their conversation. Rick and Davis were alone during their conversation.  Davis stated that Rick is also involved in drug sales for Slaughter and is Slaughter's stepson.

Davis  further related that he believed that the shooting occurred in the area of E27th or E3Oth Streets and that Harrison and Rick  got to the location by taxi.  Harrison met Thompson and Robinson in the area of 85th Ave. and Holly prior to the murder.  Davis was with both Harrison and Rick before they met Thompson. He didn't know where they were going or what they were going to do.  Davis visited with Thompson between lO:OO-ll:OOpm on Saturday before the murder.  He did not spend a long time in the house because Thompson had her boyfriend there.

Davis related the following regarding the incident in which he was shot bv Cedric Harrison.  Slaughter had a contract out for Davis to die because Davis refused to drop the arson charges against Williams. Davis also related that he owed Slaughter $170.00 for cocaine sales.  After Davis came home from the hospital on 4 May 87 Harrison and his brother "Gino" picked Davis up by his house in a blue station wagon.  Gino was driving and Harrison was in the front seat with Davis in the rear.  and grabbed by Harrison. Harrison then shot Davis once in the face and Davis was able to flee on foot. Harrison then pulled a revolver on Davis and told him that he was through.  Davis was then ordered from the vehicle t.  While running from the scene Gino
( fired four to five shots at Davis. Sgt. R. Conner 6~54-C and.Sgt. Medsker were at Highland Hospital during this portion of the interview.

On May 5, 1987 at about 3:50 pm Sgt. Medsker showed Olin Davis the following hot print photos obtained from the Criminal investigations Bureau.  The first print was that of Ronald Gino Harrison PFN # AJCOSl. Davis wrote that the photo was of Rodney Gino and that he saw him last night when they tried to kill me.  The second print was that of Jesse Slaughter PFN# ADO156, Davisidentified the photo as Jesse.  The third photo presented was that of Cedric Harrison PFN# A0R273, and Davis identified the photo as Cedric the person who tried to kill him last night.  The fourth hot print was that of Richard Johnson PFN*AJT280, Davis identified the photo as Rick.  Davis wrote all the identified names on the respective photos and then signed and dated each one.  Sgt. R. Conner was present during the identification process. Information on each idividual was obtained by your affiant and Sgt. Conner from the Alameda County Corpus Records and from a field contact card prepared by Off. J. Jadallah 7469-? on 20 Dec 85 which placed Jessie Slaughter and Richard Johnson in the same vehicle in the 1400 block of 13th Ave. Oakland.  A copy of tis field contact card is included in this affidavit as exhibit D.

On 5 May 1987 at 3:15pm Sgt. Conner was told by a Pacific Gas and Electric special agent by telephone that H.E. Johnson is on record for service to 1455 86th Ave. Oakland since 1 Sep 69 and Jeanette Harrison is on record for service to1425 86th Ave. Oakland since 24 Feb 77.

4. On May 5,  1987 at 4:oopm Sgt. Nedsker went to the 1400 block of 86th Ave. and identified 145586th Ave. as the residence which Davis stated that Rick resided at.

On May 5, 1987 your affiant conducted a DMV check on Ronald Harrison.  This revealed a 1977 Oldsmobile 1GNR065 registered to him at 1425 86th Ave. Oakland.

On May 5, 1987 at 7:00 pm your affiant was told by a Pacific Gas and Electricspecial agent by telephone that Jesse F. Slaughter is on record for service 1305 31st Ave Oakland since 30 Aug 79. This is also the same address whichSlaughter showed on his Corpus record.

On May 5, 1987 at 7:30 pm your affiant reviewed the Corpus records for Slaughter; Harrison, Cedric; Harrison,Ronald; and Johnson. These records disclosed the following information.  Slaughter has one prior conviction for felon in possession of a firearm in 1979 with two prior felonies.

Based upon your affiant's experience and the above related information, your affiant requests that search warrants for 1425 and  1455 86th Ave be issued.   Your affiant  believes that a revolver 38 calibre and other handguns are located thereas persons involved in narcotics sales are often armed and they maintain their weapons in their residence  vehicles under their control or on their person.  In addition persons with firearms commonly also keep with them ammunition, holsters, guncleaning equipment and needed to maintain the firearm.  This warrant should also include a Pontiac station wagon lRNC588and a Oldsmobile lGNRO65.  Your affiant believes that the revolver was used in two murders and one attempt murder bv Cedric Harrison.  With Cedric during the double murder was Richard Johnson. Harrisons address as listed on Corpus and given to the police was 1425 86th Ave. and Johnsons Corpus address was listed as 1455 86th Ave. Oakland.  Both have been seen inside the residences by the victim in the attempt murder Olin Davis. In addition your affiant observed a severe blood loss
 at the scene of the Double murder at 8225 A Street  where Betty Thompson and Leroy Robinson were the victims.   Your affiant is aware that persons usually attempt to hide their clothing after it has been stained with blood inside either their residence or their vehicles and then use a second set of clothing to prevent being detected.  Off. N. Ng 7351-P observed blood stains inside lRNC58S the Pontiac which was used to transport Olin Davis to Skyline Blvd where he was shot in the face.  Your affiant requests per mission to process the vehicle for blood collection as your affiant believes that Davis' blood could be present inside the vehicle.  Your affiant also requests that indicia of residency be included in the warrant for each residence to prove ownership and control of the premise along with property inside.

Your affiant also requests that a search warrant be issued for 1305 31st Ave Oakland Ca. as this is the residence of Jesse Slaughter.   Slaughter was observed in possession and then discharging of a firearm in the 1400 block of 86th Ave on 4 May 1987.  Davis stated that he has sold cocaine for Slaughter and it again the belief of your affiant that persons involved in drug sales usually maintain a firearm for their protection because of the activity they participate in. The firearm is commonly kept on their person or inside their residence.  In addition Slaughter was in violation of the California Penal Code Section 12021 as it is prohibited for a felon to possess a firearm.  Your affiant believes that a revolver or other firearms could be located at this residence because of Slaughters association with Cedric Harrison, Richard Johnson and Harrison, Ronald as they are bei.i.(ve(3 to be selling drugs for Slaughter and have been involved in two murders and one attempt murder. Your affiant requests that indicia of residency be included for this residence to prove ownership and control of the premise along with the property inside.

 Your affiant requests that arrest warrants for probable cause be for Cedric Harrison PFN#AGR273 for two counts of Murder 187 PC.,  Richard Johnson PFN#AJT280 for two counts of Murder 187, pc  and Ronald G. Harrison one count of attempted murder

In conclusion:

Summarily speaking, there are several contradictions between this summary account of the
issues and what was actually said and shown during trial

1. There was never any physical evidence found or  presented that even remotely ties the defendant to these crimes.

2. No alleged eye witness to these crimes ever appeared in court.

3. Obviously, as one can see, as stated herein, statement regarding alleged reason for crime changed during trial and penalty phase trial.



a. Olin Davis, changed his statements and  testimony several times during all proceedings, this person accused defendant of 'trying to kill him' , OLIN DAVIS ALSO SAID THAT HE WAS ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT HE MET THE DEFENDANT IN 1981.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY DIFFICULT SINCE THE DEFENDANT WAS IN STATE PRISON 1979 THRU 1982.  AND NO RECORDS REFLECT OLIN DAVIS EVER HAVING BEEN TO STATE PRISON.

7. The defendant was initially charged with assault with a charged with assault with a deadly weapon on Olin Davis, but upgraded to attempted murder based on Olin Davis' telling the police that 'defendant had tried to kill him,' however even though the EVIDENCE in the alleged 'attempted murder' was used to prosecute the alleged 'two counts of first degree murder.'on August 30, 1993 THE JUDGE THAT SENTENCED DEFENDANT TO DEATH DISMISSED THE ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGE AGAINST OLIN DAVIS     ? ? ?

WHEREFORE, affiant prays that a search warrant be issued, based upon the above facts, tar the seizure of said property.

Subscribed and sworn to...

        The Death Penalty: Hope and Despairity 
                              An essay by Cedric Harrison

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