Cory Maples
          Death Row, Alabama
             Poetry by Cory Maples
Name:           Cory Maples   Favorite Poet:                      Walt Whitman
D.O.B.           1-21-74   Favorite Composer:              Beethoven
Birthplace:    Decatur, Alabama   Favorite Band:                      Nine Inch Nails
Height:           6 feet   Favorite non fiction author:  Shakespeare
Weight:        195 lbs   Favorite fiction author:         Anne Rice
Eyes:            brown I also have 13 tatoos and once had 2 piercings
Hair:             black
Race:           White - 1/2 German 
                                1/2 Cherokee Indian

Interests:               I enjoy reading and writing poetry.  Reading novels.
Both fiction and non-fiction.  I love animals. Especially horses, wolves, snakes.
I enjoy ALL music. From MOZART - HEAVY METAL.  I'm an information junkie.
No matter how useless I consider myself to be outgoing and open-minded.
I'm not looking for financial help, that is to say I wont ask for it, I am basically looking for someone to share the up's and down's of life with.
I look forward to meeting interesting people.  I have listed 10 of my poems.
I hope you enjoy them.  I have been incarcerated 4 1/2 years.
Mailing Address:               Cory Maples   Z-624 / 5U4
                                  Holman Unit 37 
                                Atmore, Alabama
                                 36503-3700  USA
             Poetry by Cory Maples

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