Daniel Frederickson
                         San Quentin's Death Row

Hello,  My name is Daniel Carl Frederickson and I am housed on San Quentin's condemned row awaiting the appeals process  prior to execution of sentence.
I want to stop it as I am innocent and do not desire to die. I am looking for people who want to see justice done and don't know exactly what they can do to stop it.

Well you can stop it by assisting one person at a time as they will never repeal the entire death penalty.

How can you help me? You can help me by helping to fund my continuing legal education.  I defended myself in propria persona during the trial and during the experience I learned much about the law and about research but I am still missing the finer points and if I am to insure that I am getting an adequate  appeal I have to know my stuff to protect myself from the complacent public defenders who take on our cases and just file the prerequisite motions but without the fervor or the desire to truly see justice served.

I  have found a correspondence school in Dallas, Texas that will enroll me in their certified program and send me all of the necessary books for only $750.00. It is  a two year course and I will promise to update this site with my course scores to let those who are interested in helping see my progress and as I go along and conduct research I will present my essays and findings on the site to show you all how your making a difference in the life of one man.

I  can beat this but not alone and not only with the public defenders that they provide us with who haven't the money nor the inclination to fully defend us.

                The correspondence  school that I wish to attend is the
    "Blackstone School of Law" P.O.Box 701449, Dallas,  Texas 75370-1449.
            1-800-418-5141, or at the web site http://www.blackstonelaw.com

On a personal  note I am a 36 year old Native American of Mimbreno Apache decent.  I am 6'O" tall and weigh in at 205. I have been incarcerated for 3-1/2 years and have been on death row for 2 years.

I am unmarried and have no children but would like very much to have both in my future if I can beat this thing. I come from a very broken home and currently only am in touch with my elderly grandparents therefore I have no one to rely on for assistance of any type other than love.

Any and all letters will be answered and any and all assistance will be used towards my legal defense. Any left over from my educational needs will go  towards purchasing  investigators and paralegals to assist me in my endeavor to escape this punishment.

Inquiries and assistance should be sent directly to me at:

Mr. Daniel C. Frederickson
P.0.Box K-81800,
San  Quentin State Prison,
San Quentin, CA 94974.

Please correspond with me before sending any monies directly to me. I am happy to answer any and all questions from interested  persons and  if you are in the legal community and would like to assist me in any way that too will greatly be appreciated.

May God grant you all peace and love.

  Daniel Frederickson
                           PO BOX K-81800
                      San Quentin, California
                              94974  USA

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