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        Daniel Webb
                       Death Row, Connecticut

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You've surfed the net this far, so why not slow your roll just for a minute and cool your heels, and let me take you
 on a short journey that's been charted out for you.

Perhaps you were contemplating the realism of reaching out to a captive of the state (of Connecticut.) If so, then
 take a good look at my face in the photos posted on the page and you'll come to realize that that smile is
out of place, and if you can imagine looking closer you can trace the tracks of my tears. Yet what those photos
 could never capture is the man inside the  branded shell. No human's life, not an infant or an elder can ever fully
be described in the small amount of space that a single page provides. So what I intend to do is present you a
 sampler box, so you can taste some of my chocolate goodies inside, that will hopefully arouse your taste buds. So
treat yourself to some of my creamy delights, and should you develop a real craving for more "Danny Candies"
then please feel free to put pen to paper and send with quickness your letter of introduction to me in my little
lonely world over here.

Without further ado, allow me to deliver some of that appetizer. As you no doubt have gathered my name is Daniel,
 and I'm forced to endure life under lock and key. I came into this world during the turbulent Civil Rights
Movement of the 60's, and have grown into a man with a passion for life's simple pleasures. I'm a lover of music,
sport, travel and culture, and gaining a deeper insight and understanding of the mysteries of life, and of course,
 women. Women of all ages and races, as long as she's open-minded. I will respond immediately to all those who write.
As you can imagine though, I already have a full plate of hot steamy drama, so I don't need anymore of that, so I'm
 looking for a trusty dish of peace and harmony.

As I mentioned above, I'm a real lover of just about all music. My taste is sort of eclectic, in that I enjoy various genres,
 from jazz and rhythm and blues, to classic rock to even classical. Some of my favorite groups include Earth, Wind and Fire,
Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Sarah Vaughn and the list goes on and on just like the beat goes on and on (The Whispers). I
just love Stevie Nicks' voice; it's so unique and haunting.

With 168 hours to burn each week while confined to this concrete tomb, you'll find me either crammed up on the hard
 metal slab that serves as my bed, or engaging in my exercise routine, or lost deep in a good suspense novel,
or hard at work on one of my own penned novels, building castles in the sky of a future life of freedom or eagerly
waiting by the cell door for a letter that never comes.

Well that concludes my passionate invitation for someone to put pen to paper. I promise you that the chocolate is
sweeter and creamier when tasted from the very hand of Willy Wonka - but you can call me Daniel.

So, like Forrest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates."

  Daniel's New Penpal Request - Please Write !  

Hi, my name is Daniel, an American-African.  I'm 6'2" tall and 225 lbs, very  athletically built with light complexion 
skin and brown eyes. Please see photos on my webpage for a better description. I'm looking to correspond,
and possibly start a long lasting friendship with someone like you. Age, race, and body types are not an issue.


I am a 37 year old African American male 230 lbs, very athletically build with light complexion skin and light brown eyes.
  My hobbies include most forms of sports, as well as reading interesting literature both informative and a good fiction
novel.  I am also an aspiring writer in the process of obtaining a copyright for several of my books.   I am looking to
correspond with single ambitious women, interested in starting an honest friendship with a decent man with a bad
rap. Race is not an issue, neither is age.
Daniel Webb 124596
Northern Correctional Institute
PO Box 665
Somers, CT.
06071  USA

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