Stanley Howard's article on "The Death Row 10
                                   ( Stanley Howard - is one of the death row 10 )
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              "THE DEATH ROW 10"
                             or "Jon Burge 10"
                           A Conspiracy To Commit Murders
                           Information provided by the supporters of the Death Row 10

Madison Hobley                   Leonard Kidd
Aaron Patterson                   Andrew Maxwell
Stanley Howard                    Derrick King
Ronald Kitchen                    Reginald McHaffey
Leroy Orange                       Jerry McHaffey
Frank Bounds (R.I.P)

These are the men known as the "Death Row 10" !  Their stories are very familiar to the legal community in Illinois, especially in the city of Chicago where this injustice was inflicted upon each of them.   Each man of the "Death Row 10" was brought together because of the torture and abuse all of them received from former Lt. Jon Burge and his fellow detectives at Area 2 & 3 Police Station on the Southside of Chicago.

Jon Burge began his "house of torture" in 1973 and did not stop until he was 'fired' in Feb. 1993.  Over 60 persons were tortured under his supervision during that 20 yr. period of time.  The types of tortures he utilized for over 20 yrs consisted of (Russian Roulette, cigarette burns, electrical shocks, suffocation (plastic) bags, radiators, telephone books, sticks, beatings, cattle prods, and threats.  In each case some or all of these torture tactics were done to all members of the "Death Row 10" !

After receiving numerous complaints concerning Area 2 detectives, the Office of Proffessional Standards (OPS) refused to admit or punish those detectives involved in these acts of torture and abuse.  It took the specific case of Andrew Wilson in 1982 that finally brought the truth to light !  Jon Burge and his rogue detectives had finally gone overboard by leaving obvious signs of bruises all over Andrew Wilson's body.  But it was years later that steps were taken to turn the wheels of justice.  Wilson's attorney's (Flint Taylor / Jeffrey Haas) filed lawsuit on Burge and his detectives (O'Hara / Youcaitis) in 1989.  Other lawsuits followed by torture victims of Burge.
Including the electro-shocking of a 13 year old black youth !  In 1990 Mayor Daley and Chicago police conceded to public pressure and media to finally launch an OPS investigation of Jon Burge and his detectives at Area 2 & 3 Police Station.  The Goldston Report submitted by investigators to Supt. Leroy Martin stated and confirmed a systematic pattern of torture and abuse by detectives under the supervision of Jon Burge.  It also stated these acts of torture were methodically planned, including psychological methods of torture.  This report was hidden from the public for a year by Supt. Martin until information about it leaked to media !

In 1991, Amnesty International called for an investigation of this abuse also.   Finally Supt. Martin called for the firing of Jon Burge and suspension of only 2 detectives (O'Hara / Youcaitis).  In Feb. 1993 the police board agreed to allow the firing after a hearing was done to review the allegations of abuse.  The problem about this is, was Burge actually "fired" or was he just retired instead !  He still receieves a full pension and benefits.

So while Jon Burge receives his full pension and benefits, he also relaxes off the coast of Florida on his fishing boat having a good laugh on how he got away with murders and never spent a day in jail.  That is because the Department of Justice and Cook County State's Atty. refused to charge him with violating the rights of arrestees by torture and concocting false confessions to get them to sign.

So 5 yrs. later "The Death Row 10" are the forgotten victims of Jon Burge and his cohorts !  You would think after all these years the justice system would take steps to correct this injustice !  Especially since the police board, OPS, Mayor Daley, Supt. Martin, Il. Supreme Court, and a host of lawyers etc. recognized this as a fact !  But Chicago politics has reared its ugly head by denying each member of "Death Row 10" a new trial or at the very least an evidentiary hearing to review these allegations.

After a thorough investigation of "Death Row 10" cases there seems to be a "conspiracy" by prosecutos, police and judges on all levels in Illinois to hide evidence of police brutality and possible innocence.  There are several reasons to substantiate these facts !

All the Death Row 10 were intentionally given a 'heater' judge.  In other words, judges who were known to be racist, corrupt, bias, and pro-prosecutors.  Some of these judges were later kicked off bench or now sit in federal penitentiary for corrupt criminal acts.  Some have complaints filed with judiciary inquiry board for racist and sexist remarks.  In order to protect Burge and his detectives a system had to be set up so that no judge would believe a defendant over a detective when an allegation of abuse was argued before a judge !  For Burge to have done what he did and for so long there had to be a cover up !

As for the prosecutors, how was it that none of them blew the whistle on Burge and his detectives after seeing the end results of abuse and defendants telling them how they were tortured !

In a few cases of Death Row 10 the prosecutors assisted in brutalizing members of Death Row 10 !  Why should we expect otherwise since a lot of them attended Jon Burge's fundraiser and donated money to his defense.  A lot of them also were promoted because of Burge's activities.  Richard Daley became mayor after leaving prosecutor's office with a full resume of fictitious convictions including "Death Row 10" !

Since when does a former mayor become an Illinois Supreme Court justice even though he never tried a criminal case as a lawyer.  Michael Bilandic pulled it off and took steps to cover up police brutality and Jon Burge by changing a 1922 statute in Illinois law because Aaron Patterson used it to show Jon Burge was a material witness that should have been called  at his suppression hearing.  70 years on the books and during the middle of 1992 when all these allegations of police brutality involving Burge are being confirmed.  Bilandic decides to throw out this statute by saying there is no use in keeping it as part of law since defendants are protected under Miranda rights.  Too bad Burge and the rest of his cohorts didn't respect or follow the rules of Miranda rights.

In several cases of "Death Row 10" exculpatory evidence was hid by Chicago police and prosecutors.  Fingerprint evidence on 2 gas cans involved in Madison Hobley's case was hid under a fictitious case file # in the police evidence room and later destroyed once his lawyer tried to subpeona it !  Leonard Kidd said a cassette tape was used to record his interrogation at Area 2 but since he is protesting over tape about giving a false confession, the prosecutors  destroyed the tape saying it never existed !  Fingerprint found on radio and "bloody shoeprints" found at victims' house  are being hid or withheld from Aaron Patterson's lawyer to be tested since it will show others committed crime.  Stanley Howard was given a judge who was a former police who worked with Jon Burge and detectives at Area 2 police station.  Ronald Kitchen was beaten so bad in genital area that he could hardly walk and was bleeding from penis but the prosecutor who came to police station to approve charges, intentionally ignored his obvious injuries and later testified that Ronald was in good health and never complained to him about being tortured !

The Illionis Supreme Court has consistently denied all "Death Row 10" appeals concerning police brutality issue involving Burge and detecives at Area 2 amd 3 police station.  Even with newly found evidence that proved detectives systematically abused arrestees  and a long list of victims from 1973-1989 showing the same types of methods used to torture as well as same names of detectives.  The Illinois Supreme Court came up with a variety of reasons to cover up brutality issue and deny each appeal by "Death Row 10" !

For more detailed information on each member of "Death Row 10", please contact them individually so they can give their personal account of their abuse and status of their cases.   One thing for sure this travesty of justice is far bigger than just an issue of police brutality.  In the last few months Amnesty International has once again highlighted this issue by including it in their human rights violation in US.  Several newspapers have taken a stance against the judicial system for ignoring this obvious fact of police brutality and cover up !

In order to correct the injustice done to "Death Row 10"  there must be a loud public outcry from all sectors of the community in Illinois as well as worldwide by writing State's Attorney Dick Devine and Attorney General Jim Ryan to 'demand' that they agree to give each member of "Death Row 10" new trials without the false tainted confessions.  There should also be letters sent to Illinois Supreme Court letting them know they must stop ignoring and covering up the true facts of police brutality issue involving Jon Burge and his rogue detectives.

Future events are planned to help publisize the "Death Row 10" cases.   There is great need for new supporters to come to these events as well as help organize them.   "Death Row 10" Tshirts are being sold for $12 each as well as buttons $1.    Contact Campaign to End Death Penalty to get them.

In closing, we hope that you get actively involved in demanding justice for the "Death Row 10" and demand those responsible for conspiring against them be held accountable for their criminal acts because if it can happen to members of "Death Row 10"  it can very well happen to any of you !

For more information on the Death Row 10:

For info on Reginald or Jerry McHaffey - contact John Horn 708-641-8833
For info on Leroy Orange - contact Thomas Geraghty 312-503-7412

Contact the following prisoners with their prisoner numbers at the address below

Andrew Maxwell B04031
Aaron Patterson B00567
Leonard Kidd  N23646
Stanley Howard N71620
Derrick King N12641
Ronald Kitchen

PO Box 99
Pontiac Illinois
61764  USA

Or write :

c/o Death Row 10
59 East Van Buren St.
Ste 2418
Chicago Illinois


Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty ICADP
180 N Michigan Ave
Ste 2300
Chicago Illinois
312 - 849-2279


c/o Flint Taylor - Tim Lohraff
11180 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago Illinois  60622
phone 773-235-0070
email :
                Stanley Howard's article on "The Death Row 10
                                   ( Stanley Howard - is one of the death row 10 )
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