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         Writings By James Heard
  Writings by James Heard from Dead Man Talking
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     Attention ! ! !        Attention ! ! !

I am a prisoner on Death Row... There are over 500
 of us on Death Row at San Quentin, California . . .

I have compiled this letter in an effort to communicate with all concerned parties, on all levels. I am speaking  for myself and many others on Death Row.  Our hopes are that we will be able to establish positive concerns with the public. We would like to dispel the myths about  incarcerated people and create meaningful & friendly correspondence with whosoever wishes to write us. 
Many of us do not have any family or significant others to support us,
or with whom we can relate to.

The government tries to instill hatred, distrust and indifference in the public  through the media.   Very often, most people do not even think about the
lonely and completely abandoned persons behind bars... we are sort of like;
·out of  sight, out of mind. Truthfully, we are real people with hopes, fears and feelings. Yes, most of us have made grave mistakes and some are guilty...
However, contrary to what the establishment would have the public believe,
some of us are actually innocent!!
The bottom-line is, we all are Human Beings!

In developing channels of communication, by way of a Pen-Pal program,
you can help to foster, encourage and promote the improvement of
incarcerated individuals.  Also, you can assist prisoners to maximize
self-realization, enrich their lives and enhance life-fulfillment for all concerned.

                        PLEASE WRITE TO :
                           James M. Heard
                         P.O. BOX  H-96500
                     San Ouentin State Prison
                       San Quentin, California
                              94974   U.S.A.

                                   (From: Peoples Tribune, Sept 1999) original at:

                            Incarceration is a cold, slow death
                    I am imprisoned on Death Row. I have had the unfortunate experience of
                    viewing broken and confused men firsthand. ... I fully realize what it is like to
                    be disconnected from your family and your friends, to have your dreams

                    The stories that you hear in prison about the judicial system and how it
                    functions are extremely disturbing. The public will never hear these accounts,
                    because the defendant usually has no means to reach society. Also, you must
                    take into account the indifference that most people have to our desperate
                    situations! Unless you have been touched by the prison system in some way,
                    you can never know. A person who has been incarcerated (especially on
                    Death Row), becomes just another statistic... trapped in the system, alone
                    and indigent.

                    The prisons are full of talented people. More often than society is aware of,
                    these persons are railroaded into prison by way of a seriously faulty legal
                    system. A person who is locked away in such a place has their humanity
                    slowly eaten away, day by day. Being locked in a cell erases your smile and
                    your happiness is replaced with fear, sorrow and hatred. Where you once
                    were a warm and loving individual, you begin to see a sad shell of a person
                    with little or no hope.

                    Prisons are not designed to rehabilitate, they are no more than a zoo! Made
                    to house people like animals ... often turning them into something other than

                    Incarceration is a cold slow death that creeps into its victims from within
                    their bodies and minds ... and then eats away their souls.

                    James M. Heard
                    San Quentin Death Row
                    San Quentin, California 94974

                           James Heard at San Quentin
         Writings By James Heard
  Writings by James Heard from Dead Man Talking
    James Heard - Penpal Request from Cellpalls

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