Jose N Martinez                          
Texas Death Row

Hi my name is Jose Noey Martinez I am a Death Row inmate in Texas I have been on Death Row for 8 years, I am of Mexican blood as you can tell by my name I am 28 years old and will be 29 on December 31 of this year,I am on Death Row because I was convicted of a crime I didn't do, the only crime I commited was that I was out after curfew and they pinned this crime on me.  I am 5'7'' I have brown hair and dark brown eyes,I was born in Weslaco Texas and moved to Houston when I was young.  I am looking for people to write to and also people that may be able to help me prove that I didn't do this crime,my family I have a big one but they dont come and visit often,the only time I hear from them is on my birthday,I dont get many letters and this is a very lonely place I want people that are not afraid to be themselves and are down to earth.  I like the outdoors,drawing and reading Stephen King books or anything that keeps me looking under my bunk.....please consider writing me I need to write someone who is not here to die,and can be my link to the outside world.   I am planning on getting married in the future, I am in the middle of my appeals and have been there for 2 years If you are wanting more information about me you can e-mail my fiance at or you can write me at the address below
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Jose Noey Martinez #999219
Polunsky Unit (DR)
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston TX 77351

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