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The first federal death sentence imposed on a defendant in a state that does
not have the death penalty since the federal death penalty was reinstated

First Death Sentence in Michigan since 1846
Marvin Gabrion
       Federal Death Row

Writings by Marvin Gabrion


    I ask you for complete, lengthy letters, with or without photos, of anything, place or person.
Help me, relieve the terrible emotional pain of this corrupt wrongful conviction., and boredom.

    Blue eyed, 180 pound, 6 foot, widowed, athletic. 
Please allow me to live vicariously through your real world life,
living experiences, hopes and dreams, by postal, visits, and phone;
women, men, and couples to soothe, challenge, and humor me
 - whatever you've got. Help me live, love, and laugh as I have every right to.

    Lastly, anyone, anywhere, interested in co-writing, printing, researching,
and/or selling, a non-fiction book/movie etc., entitled:


   All rights legally reserved. Copyrighted for the purpose of preventing anyone,
anywhere, from stopping anyone from profiting by or freely publishing, distributing, etc., the pages, book, etc. 

Marvin Gabrion refuses to accept any financial gain nor gratuity in any form for this public enlightenment.

    Involvement in the “Lastly”, project book, does not effect in any way the pen pal request part. 
Hopefully, I guess, that is your choice.

Please feel free and invited to print out,
spread, and post a link to this page

With Love and Truth,
Fed. No. 09184-055
P.O. BOX 33 Death Row
47808-0033 U.S.A.

"It is the compassion and conscience (moral sense), of Human's, that seperates some of humanity from animals.
Innocent have been and will be executed, as long as execution (state murder) exisits." by Marvin Gabrion, inspired
by LOVE letters and facts, surrounding Ethel Rosenberg's INNOCENCE.  40 Minutes of blood boiling, eye popping
torture, to murder her.  Electric chair, approved by U.S. Supreme Court still torturing women, men, even children!
 ALL true facts I can prove - Marvin Gabrion

Additional information and photo provided - Updated June 23, 2003

Seeking Pen FRIENDS, Do gooders and believers in GOD, truth, love.

Blue eyed, American mutt, carries DNA identifier of new world peoples,(Cherokee and Mohawk 1/4)  Former member of Menza, American free thought association, and Optimist club,all stolen by wrongful conviction.  I tested 100% on hardest IQ tests in abstrabt reasoning (inventionist) (wink), section of tests.  I have this concept for a machine, a mix of existing technologies, which will quickly put out forest fires.  FREE STUFF! Qualified, capable, CONSCIENCEABLE, persons or company like Boeing, please contact me.  NOTE : I've filed with court this, " I, Marvin Gabrion, refuse to allow any good I do for anyone, to influence or prevent, the judges or my own right, to legally execute this body, should any oneof us decide or choose to."   I have no ulterior motives, I like to do good for others.

My case ? Summed up easy, two inmates, one murdered his four year old daughter, caught on scene, guilt unquestionable, doing natural life !, second doing 3 20 year sentences for three raped women, again caught on scene.  Their lies, became "evidence".  Prosecutors developed monsters testimony, prosecutors and police feeding media craze, real criminals used to wrongfully convict INNOCENT, me.
I owned a non-profit Christian book store upon arrest and a 4x8 FT road sign asking,
I respect and invite visits from all GOD believing religions.  Studying Catholocism now.  Not had a religious visit in over 5 years ! 
We both have the right (Fathers, pastors, sisters etc).  Please, don't let them stop us.

I've lived in Columbus, Ind, by Kokomo, and rewired a power plant in Terre Haute, personal visitors must say they knew me, or met me before incarceration 5 years ago.  NO visits since on death row. Please help.  Call someone, whatever.  

My only money orders for stamps, vitamins, food, are from CHEAP lawyers (Or was, wink) Anyhows, I promise to answer all two page or more handwritten, truthful, revealing letters about YOU. Photos optional but liked a lot (WINK). 
If you do not recieve my answering letter ? 
Lost mail, send another PLEASE. 
Spread far and wide.

June 2003 update - I seek honest people, who can try to be honest with me.
RULES : Here at US federal death row.
I may receive as gifts, checks and money orders from inside the USA. 
International money orders from outside the USA. 
I can send out manuscripts, poetry, songs, rough drafts of inventions and concepts.

ANYONE capable and willing can make into books, articles, money, whatever. 
I have been told, that I personally, will never be allowed to work here for wages, as most others are.
Food, stamps, vitamins, shoes etc are luxury items, I can only purchase from their store,
most of which some never, can afford. I can make prepaid, from my account phone calls, send your number ?

Personal visitors must check yes on form, say they knew me before my incarceration date of 10-21-97.
Paintings I can send only to those on my visiting list.  Religious visits and calls,
they are hell bent and bound, on ME in particular, preventing me from receiving.
Religious representatives must also say they knew me before incarceration.
They steal letters to those people I knew before my incarceration. 
I invite, never refuse any visits, answer all mail.

ANGEL MELANIE approves of compassionate revealing photos and letters from pretty,
non fat or skinny, 25 to 50ish woman. Singleish, honest with me. 
Taste for the truth? 

WE can change the lies on internet, media, into TRUTH.
The you part would be very minimal.

Marvin Gabrion.


Writings by Marvin Gabrion

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