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Tommy Crump - Death Row, Nevada
"...age 65 phys. 40 mentally, B/R Indiana, Cur s. Death Penalty, Sen/hum - uplifting Hobby poetry
 / cards / music. 
Family / frs - All gone.  Visit Tommy's webpage for his pen pal request.

Thomas Collman - Nevada's Death Row
"I served in the U.S Army as an Army Ranger, which is a Special Forces Unit. Before my incarceration I worked for the same entity
 that now confines me, that was the State of Nevada Department of Prisons.  I worked at Ely State Prison as a Correctional Officer,
which is Nevada's Maximum Security Prison....I'd like to express my utmost appreciation to "YOU" and those that help support
Death Row Inmates!  Visit Thomas' webpage for his pen pal request.

Antonio Doyle - Death Row, Nevada
I enjoy reading, writing letters and trying to write poetry, sports, music, (slow music) and having lots of fun.
Children are the world to me.
I have 2 daughters of my own.  Visit Antonio's webpage for his pen pal request

Joseph Echavarria - Death Row, Nevada 

"  I'm in need of your help and friendship.  I would like to correspond with you and be your friend.  
To talk to you about your life in general because my life is very sad and lonely...I miss my freedom very much and I think that you can
help me remember what it was like.  I guess that I just miss having a friend! "  Visit Joseph's webpage for his pen pal request

Dale Flanagan - Nevada's Death Row
"Hi, my name is Dale.  I hope my words are being read by someone who finds the death penalty repugnant...Write me, talk to me.  
You will find me human.  Not a monster, not an animal to be slaughtered by the state.  I am just a man.  A man who has been
stuck in this bureaucratic nightmare we call the US justice system."  Visit his webpage for his photos and pen pal request.

Richard Haberstroh - Death Row, Nevada
I am an inmate on Nevada's death row seeking correspondence with anyone who is willing to share with me these lonely times.
I enjoy reading and writing letters. I'm seeking friendly correspondence with down to earth realistic individuals
interested and willing to share these lonely times with.

Edward Jones - Nevada's Death Row

"...I am need of friends who are caring and open minded and who won't judge me for my mistakes of the past but accept me as a
person and not a faceless number.  I am very much alone in my existence and I am reaching out in an attempt to change that fact...
No one should be compelled to suffer as I am..."  Visit Edward's webpage for his artwork and pen pal requests

Jimmy Kirksey - Death Row Nevada
Jimmy Kirksey is a death row inmate in Nevada His page includes his poem "My Loneliness Gone"
as well as envelope art and Jimmy's penpal request.  " I am good hearted and if you are my friend,
  whatever I can do for you I will do. No lies or games with your head. I am not out to use nobody."

Gregory Leonard - Death Row, Nevada
" I enjoy easy listening music and jazz, sports, reading, playing chess, all outdoor activities especially traveling. 
I'm open minded, sincere, understanding and intelligent.  I wish to meet someone who will help make my lonely days not so lonely. 
Will answer all replies."  Visit Gregory's webpage for his pen pal reuest and photos.

William Bryon Leonard: Fighting for his Life - On Death Row in Nevada

William is a death row prisoner in Nevada, "The guards had a reputation for staging fights among inmates. They exploited tensions to
make prisoners kill each other. I fell victim to their brutalizations,
when they locked me up in a known enemies cell. 
One inmate dies. One ends up on death row, because NDOP allowed it to happen."  Visit William's page for more information, and his pen pal request.

Steven Parker - Death Row, Nevada
" I'm hoping to find a friend or two that won't judge me for where I'm at.  And who are also looking for a friend.  
The powers that run this prison make it impossible for a person on death row to be anything more than a prisoner here.  
Locked in this tiny cell 22 hours a day alone can be hard on a persons mind. " Visit Steven's webpage for his pen pal request

Tracy Petrocelli - Death Row, Nevada

Tracy is a Vietnam Veteran " Under circumstances of extreme hardship, I have retained the hope and the will to survive. But I know that I am at a point where, unless help is forth-coming, I will be put to death - and so I most earnestly ask for your support to help me live."  Visit his webpage for more information, his artwork and photo.

David Riker - Death Row, Nevada
"...My situation is not without hope... I have been incarcerated since April of 1992. My only connection with the
outside world is through attorneys and investigators...Needless to say, I'm very lonely.  I would really love to
correspond with some real down-to-earth sincere people. "  Visit David's webpage for his pen pal request.

Pedro Rodriguez - Death Row Nevada
"Hi, my name is Pedro Rodriguez.  I am a 21 years old death row inmate in the state of Nevada.
I heard of you through a Legal News U.S.A.  I guess I can say I am thankful to know that there are people out there that are willing to give death row inmates a chance to reach out.  Right now I don’t
have and contact with the outside world and I would like to have someone to write me and say hi."
Visit his webpage for his pen pal request and writing.
Don Sherman - Death Row, Nevada
"...I miss the converstation a man can only have with a woman. I'm a man, sitting here facing his mortality,
waiting to see if I'll live or die.  Needless to say, it's hard time.  So I'm looking for some real people
 to talk about real things with, nothing too heavy, but no games."  Visit Don's webpage for his pen pal request

Robert Ybarra - Death Row, Nevada
"...I'm a lonely death row inmate abandoned by family and friends in need of pen pals... My current federal attorneys
tell me it's possible I may be released in the near future."  Visit Robert's webpage or his pen pal request

Executed by the State of Nevada

           Executed August 12, 2004
Terry J Dennis - Death Row, Nevada
" My name is Terry J Dennis.  I'm a white heterosexual male age 56 with no family at all so I haven't received any mail (other than from my atty.)
in the three years I've been on Nevada's death row."   Visit Terry's webpage for his pen pal requests and photos.

      Executed April 26, 2006
Daryl Mack - Death Row, Nevada

" In the name of humanity, to whom it may name is Daryl Mack, I am a death row inmate at Ely State Prison
- for a crime that does not warrant the death penalty. I've been sitting on death row for approx. 18 months dismayed and alone. 
I've been referred to your organization for the purpose of obtaining correspondence or a penpal.
  Any assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated. "
Visit Daryl's webpage for his pen pal request and photos.

Death Sentence Overturned

Edward Bennett - Death Sentence Overturned
" My name is Ed Bennett and I have been on Death Row for 12 years... I need and appreciate communication.  Getting to know real people and
sharing the smiles of life makes me feel pretty good. "  Visit Edward's webpage for his his original pen pal request from death row.

Jason Browne - Death Sentence Overturned
   "...As I reach out to the world from this prison cell, I'm often reminded of how little time we have on this Earth to live,
love, and enjoy all those around us."  Visit Jason's webpage for his original pen pal request from death row.

Currently there are 77 people
Sentenced to Death in the State of Nevada

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