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Bill Oatney - Death Row Oregon

"My name is Bill and I am on death row waiting to be killed for crimes I did not commit. As a death row inmate,
I am reminded daily that I am no longer human.   Through my art I know that this is not true. When I create a work of art,
I can see the the creative vibrant soul of the man that I am."   Visit Bill's page for more information

David Simonsen - Death Row Oregon
David is a self-taught Artist and a Death Row inmate.  His page includes information on how you can purchase prints,
cards, or original artwork through David and his supporters.
Visit his webpage for examples of his artwork,
words from David, and contact information for
his supporters.
Currently there are 34 people sentenced to death in the state of Oregon:
Robert J. Acremant #11731803 - Gregory Allen Bowen #4659439 - Jason Van Brumwell #11125700 - Jesse Caleb Compton #12351178
David Lee Cox #6390901 - Clinton W. Cunningham #8902520 - Michael Davis #8949507 - Jesse Stuart Fanus #12724162
Travis Lee Gibson #11296856 - Randy L. Guzek #7366534 - Conan Wayne Hale #11405546 - Gary Haugen #5673362
Michael J. Hayward #11125726 - Jesse Lee Johnson #11976798 - Martin Allen Johnson #5410056 - Robert P. Langley #4595016
Christian M. Longo #14509855 - Ernest N. Lotches #3649258 - Michael M. McDonnell  #4508058 - Marco A. Montez #7195022
Billy Lee Oatney #12093943 - Mark A. Pinnell  #2709590 - Alberto Reyes-Camarena #11592035 - Dayton LeRoy Rogers #3746005
Eric Walter Running #5898220 - Ricardo Serrano #13677903 - David L. Simonsen  #7471381 - Jeffery Dana Sparks #4776583
Karl A. Terry #10947474 - Matthew D. Thompson #7804903 - Jeffrey Dale Tiner #12004798 - Mike S. Jr. Washington #8871761
Jeffrey R. Williams J#5298112 - Allen G. Zweigart #12697041

             Oregon Department of Corrections Summary of Death Row Inmates September 14, 2010

Contact The Governor

Governor Ted Kulongoski
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047

Phone : 503-378-4582
Fax: 503-378-6827

In the event of an execution date being scheduled:
How to Invite the Governor to Your Event - PDF
Does he have the courage of his convictions to witness
what his endorsement of a death warrant means ?

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