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Pam's Note to Friends & Supporters
              Update 10/19/2000

I want to thank everyone for all their love and support you've given me over these last few months, they have been very hard for me, and still are.
I would like to update everyone on what has been going on in my
life since I left death row last March 14th.  The court gave the State 120 days to retry me or let me go.  When I went back to Houston Co.  they didn't want to retry the case because it was so old.  I had a meeting with family, friends, and lawyers to talk about the deal
the State was offering and we took it.  I now have Life+30 years,
and how much more time I'll have to do on that I don't know.
I have been on Death Row for over 20 years and being out here in G.P is all very new to me.  I never even let myself dream I would ever walk off Death Row, and everything is happening very fast for me.  I was sent here to a small unit,  and everyone here is tripping I'm here and was just taken off death row.   I'm hoping it will all die down soon, but right now I'm the talk of the unit, and pointed out everywhere I go.  I've stayed to myself as much as I can right now.
This unit has a lot of rules that are way off any other unit, they will write you up for anything here.  One of the rules they have here
that I would like all of you to call the warden about is about the craft shop.  The only way a lot of us have of making money in here to
take care of ourselves is by making and selling our crafts.  It helps
us take care of our needs in here without having to ask for help
from the outside.  It also makes us feel we are doing for ourself.  They have a rule on this unit that if you get wrote up for anything (they will write you up on this unit for looking wrong) that you
can't do crafts for 6 months.  All the other units have the rule of
three write ups, thats only fair.  Please call the warden ofthis unit
and let her know how unfair this rule is and how much our crafts mean to us.

Thank you very much.
Pamela Perillo
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