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          Pam Perillo 
       Over 20 Years On Death Row in Texas
         Now Re-sentened to Life !
Pam's 2002 Report On Her Treatment In Prison Since Resentencing
Pamela In The News - Re-sentenced to Life !
    Pam's Note to Friends & Supporters Update 10/19/2000
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                 Writings by Pamela Perillo
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                               Pamela In The News
            A Light In the Darkness-On Pam
                                        By Mary Kafer
               4-21-99    To Whom Ever It May Concern:

My name is Pamela Perillo, I'm a death row inmate in the State of Texas.   I have been on death row since Sept. 5th, 1980, almost l9 years.

There are only 8 of us females on death row in Texas, three of us are non-work capable by choice and two others were put on a administrative segregation status because the Medical Dept.  said they couldn't pull cotton (repetitive work) because of carpal tunnel syndrome.  We are being treated like animals right now just because we are death row inmates.   We have been placed in a small cell behind a solid door, we get "one" hour rec. per day.   They schedule that so early in the morning that no one wants to go.   We also only get one hour of TV  five days a week.   The male death row inmates have TV's outside their cells all down the run, and get it turned on from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm through the week.   On weekends their T.V.. viewing time is 7:OO am until 1:30 am.  Not only do the women not get to view T.V.. during the same hours we don't even have any.

We are also being strip searched six, some times eight times a day, and most of the time we have never left our cells from one search to another.   They go through our property with no care what-so-ever in the way they handle it.     Our property is left all over our cells when they are done searching.   My lock box was closed on my picture of my daughter who died, she was in her coffin and they put a big hole in her head.   When I showed it to the Lt. she said "What do you went me to do about it?".

They have all five of us who don't work living in a building they call  the Multi-purpose facility, they house crisis management psychiatric patients, seg. inmates, and death row non-work capable inmates all in this building. "These women in crisis management are brought in here at all times of the day and night in various stages of hysteria, fear, or anger, a lot of them come in cut up from attempted suicides.   These women are subjected to gassings with pepper spray for different reasons which instantly affects everyone around the area especially as no windows open in this building.  We have witnessed numerous women who are most obviously out of their senses have excessive uses of force applied. such as slamming them to the floor and against the walls,   We have heard officers sit around laughing and making fun of these women which have honest mental diseases.   I heard one officer say "We had to spray that nut three times, she just sat there batting that pepper spray up."  It's really sad to see and hear the way they are treated in here.   A female inmate died in here not long ago.   She was brought over here from another unit right after a use of force was done on her at the unit she came from.   She came over here on a Friday to the crisis management part of this building, very hurt and sick. Because it was a weekend there was no Dr. on the unit and none called in to see her.   They had one officer working that Friday night on 3rd shift, at 3:00 am.  When the officer looked in on this woman she was covered in feces black as tar, which means it had blood in it, and no one would clean this lady up because there was only one officer here.   She sat in that cell all weekend with blood and fluids coming out every hole in her body.  When Monday came the Dr. who is actually a PA wouldn't see her and she died that Wednesday. Of course TDCJ finds a scapegoat for everything that happens so they fired two nurses and one Dr.   I have seen many inmates suffer because of a lack of proper medical care here.

The female death row work capable inmates work 7 1/2 hours a day pulling cotton apart and one SSI job.   For their 7 1/2 hours of work they only receive two hours of rec. a day, no T.V.'s down their runs at all.  We have been separated from general population because we are death row inmates  not because we are bad actors, yet we are treated like we are.

When they take a death row inmate to the visiting room they lock the inmate in a cage.   The transport officer leaves the building with the keys.   They actually leave the inmate, one officer and the visitors in the locked building with no way to escape in case of a fire.

We are being cuffed and put  in a  day room with cuffs on and left alone when they are searching our cells.   We have no way of helping ourselves if something happens.   There has never been any violence on the female death row in all the years I've been here.

We are in these little cells all day long just because we are on death row, with no T.V.. and no room to move around.   We don't even have a stool and table in here to eat or write on.   We have to eat our meals on our bed, floor or toilet.   They came in here the other day and covered up one of the outlets in our cells, so now we only have one outlet to use for all our electrical appliances.   (Radio, fan, typewriter, hot pot, curling iron, blow dryer etc.)

The school was able to bring over newspapers and magazines for us to read but the Warden said death row inmates couldn't read them anymore, but population inmates still can.

Death row inmates states are to be separated from general population they say to maintain safety,  security and order amongst general population offenders and correctional personnel.   But we are all death row inmates  right here together for years, and they are telling us we can't talk to each other.  They want us to sit here behind a solid door 24 hours a day for years, alone, and not talk to anyone?

What happened to the Death Row Activity plan that was the  David Ruiz Civil Action No. H78987?  Are these people  no longer under this court order?   Every time we turn around they are taking something else away from us.   If you can't help us can you refer this letter to someone who can?  I would very much appreciate it if you could give me a yes or no answer on whether or not we are still under the Ruiz Death Row Activity Plan?

Thank you so much for your time, patience,  and assistance.

Pamela Lynn Perillo   TDC # 000665

cc.  William Wayne Justice
       Ms. Donna Brorby

                                    Pam's Pen Pal Request:
 Age: 44, Dec 3, 1955.  From LA, California.  4 brothers, 2 sisters, never been married.  One son, Joseph, age 22.  I came to death row when  I was 24, in 1980.  I love the outdoors, beach, and all animals.  I also love to do any kind of crafts.  I love to read and write also.

           Pamela's New Address is:

               PAMELA LYN PERILLO #932235
                  2305 RANSOM ROAD  H2 - 16
                              MT. VIEW
                        GATESVILLE TX
                            76528    USA
Pam's 2002 Report On Her Treatment In Prison Since Resentencing

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