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From Death Row Prisoners in the USA, and around the world...

                               The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty 
                                               Has received the following requests for pen pals from death row prisoners...
                                               Thinking of writing a prisoner ?  Pen Pals and Prisoners share their stories

                                                   United States Federal Government
  Prisoners are listed by State
  (some pages include real audio relating to death row in that state)
      Alabama - 1      Alabama - 2       Alabama - 3
    Arizona - 1     Arizona -2     Arizona - 3     Arizona- 4
    California - 1     California - 2     California - 3    California - 4
        Colorado        Connecticut          Delaware
    Florida -1     Florida - 2     Florida - 3     Florida - 4    Florida - 5
    Georgia          Idaho     Illinois - 1     Illinois - 2
    Indiana         Kansas
     Kentucky     Louisiana        Maryland
    Mississippi      Missouri     Montana        Nebraska
    Nevada     New Jersey    North Carolina            Ohio
    Oklahoma - 1    Oklahoma - 2      Oregon     Pennsylvania
   South Carolina   South Dakota
      Virginia       Washington

Texas  " It's Like A Whole Other Country " Texas Pages  1 - 10...
    1     2      3     4     5      6     7     8     9    10
    The Caribbean            Trinidad - Tobago 
     African Nations             Zambia 

Death row inmates are alone in a cell 23 hours out of every day.
Often the highlight of their day is when they receive mail,
a brief reprieve from the outside world in an otherwise lonely and isolated existence.
A few words, a postcard, and the fact that you took a moment to write can mean a great deal.
You can make a difference. The CCADP encourages you to write.
Don't prejudge. You may be surprised, and make a good friend !

Please remember, if you write: this is an important undertaking- your friendship is important to inmates,
they can begin to count on your letters and it is emotionally upsetting for them to be forgotten after just a few letters.

It is a commitment  not to be taken too lightly.

If you write, please remember that death row inmates have to purchase their own stamps, writing paper and even toiletries...
send a few US stamps along with your letter  if you can,  ( most prisons allow this, check with the inmate first to make sure. )
If you are able, some prisoners would appreciate a few dollars if you can afford it,
though your friendship is what is most valuable to them.

Prison rules state that you must be eighteen (18+) years of age to correspond with inmates.

Note :  The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty does NOT charge inmates or their correspondents a fee for a listing. 
We DO accept and greatly appreciate donations of Canadian and / or American stamps to be used to facilitate correspondence with inmates.

            Death Row Prisoner Webpages                  Re-Sentenced or Released
             Upcoming Execution Dates                  In Memoriam Pages 1 - 5

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