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 Randy Kraft
Death Row, California
        Information Provided By Randy Kraft.
          This webpage has been posted at the request of Death Row prisoner Randy Kraft;
 with materials written and sent by Randy Kraft directly and through his family and supporters.  


   What I Have For Music  - Randy Kraft lists the CDs he owns in San Quentin for the purposes of trading.
    Court Transcripts - #1   - Randy Kraft sends court transcripts for public review.   #1 is from the penalty phase from Randy's trial.  On July 18, 1989  
                                                       Defense Witness "Carol B_"; a friend and co-worker of Randy's; speaks of her years working and socializing with him  
                                                        prior to his arrest; and of Randy's co -workers and their opinions of him.  

"I am opposed to authority, that egg of misery and oppression; I am opposed to
it largely for what it does to those who exercise it"    
  - Dr. Stephen Maturin

"Each blade of grass has its spot on earth whence it draws its life; its strength; and
so is man rooted to the land from which he  draws his faith together with his life."
- Marlow


"These are biographical sketches, recollections of my life and experiences as I grew up.  
I am writing them now, and the list below will grow as more is written and posted here.
 If you have questions, comments or suggestions about what you would like me to write
about and post here, please send me a letter." -  Randy Kraft

   GOLD DUST AT MY FEET - July 2003

I have begun recording my memories of growing  in Southern California during the
1950s and 1960s, and that is what you can read here.  At first I wrote very brief
recollections, because my typewriter has only 3.5 k of available storage, but recently
I have patched 3.5 k pieces together to accomodate longer and more detailed memories.
What  you read here is true, and much can be independently verified.  
I do not pretend to be a good writer.   That is not why I write.   I have no illusions about
writing the Great American Book or appearing on any best seller list.  Instead, my simple
hope is to relate to you what it was like for me growing up, what my family was like and
what we did.  Why ?
Because so many untruths and distortions about me and my family have appeared in the
media, things completely fabricated with no basis in reality, and there is nothing accurate
and  truthful for those that may be interested.  I hope I write well enough to take the truth
 from my memory and relate it to you in plain and understandable English.  I write only to
set the record straight.

Obviously, as a condemned prisoner I do not have access to a computer or the internet,
so  what you see here  has been transcribed for me by generous people and emailed to
the CCADP for posting on this webpage.   I sincerely thank them for their help.    If there
is anything specific about my growing up that you would like to read, please write to me
at San Quentin.

1. The Old Homestead (1949)
2.  Working The Soil (1949)
3. Midway City Elementary School (1950)
4. Kindergarten (1951)
5 Dad & The Fire
6. First Grade (1951)
7. Tall Grass (1952)
8. The Crawdad Hole (1952)
9. Planting WIth Dad (1952)
10. A Lighted Sky (1952)
11. Catalina (1953)
12. A Sunday Afternoon (1952)
13.. The Helms Bakery Man (1953)
14. The Feed Store (1954)
15. Early Swimming (1954)
16.The Haunted House (1954)
17. Tom's Drive In (1954)
18.  A Present For Mom (1954)
19. Mom's Bible (1955)
20. First Dance (1958)
21  Second Dance (1958)
22. Futurama (1959)
23. First Radio - First Dodgers (1959)
 24.Election (1960)
25. Early Politics (1960)
26. Orange City Park (1961)
27. Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)
28. High School Graduation - What Color (1963)
29.  My Friday the 13th (1983)

Contact Randy Directly :
Randy Kraft E-38700
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA
    94974 USA

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