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           Robert Fratta
                    Wrongfully Convicted on Death Row in Texas
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Robert Alan Fratta, age 41, a former New York resident who relocated to Houston, Texas sits on
Death Row in Texas for a crime that he did not commit. He has no previous criminal record. His
family and friends have united to help him and his friends have founded a defense fund in his name.    Our goal in forming this legal defense fund is to raise awareness and funding to help an innocent man (and possibly many others in the process) who has been wrongly convicted.Robert now faces death by lethal injection.

Robert Fratta was arrested shortly after his wife's death in November of 1994 and convicted in April of 1996 of Capitol Murder. It is important to note that Robert was convicted of ARRANGING
his estranged wife's death, not shooting her. In less than one hour of deliberation, the jury
rendered the verdict of guilty. Subsequently, Robert was sentenced to die.

Robert has maintained his complete innocence throughout the entire ordeal and has been punished for something that he did not do. His only crime is that he is one of the many who are entangled in the legal/judicial system without strong financial backing to help fight these charges. At first, his defense was privately funded but when the money ran dry (his mothers life savings), the court appointed his lawyers. It is evident that if you are in very serious legal trouble and do not have money, you don't stand a chance. This is his only crime! He now sits on Death Row in Huntsville, Texas (the Death Penalty Capital of America) and desperately needs our help.

We are convinced that there were many serious flaws in the investigation and criminal trial and as a result, he was wrongly convicted. Because we are outraged, we have united to help our innocent friend.

His trial attorneys have documented countless instances throughout the trial where hearsay and circumstancial evidence was allowed. In addition, critical evidence and testimony was disallowed that would have established his innocence. It is our strong belief that the entire case was prejudiced by inaccurate and biased media coverage from the onset.

In less than 24 hours following the crime, Harris County detectives released statements to the press that Robert Fratta was lying although they had not bothered to thoroughly investigate the crime.

While in the midst of a stressful custody battle for his children with his estranged wife, he declared that she (the mother of his children) was driving him nuts. He was totally frustrated and disgusted with the way the custody case was being handled. He vented to his friends statements such as "I don't understand why this is happening or how to come to an agreement with her. I wish she would just go away - I wish she was dead!" Almost 3 years later, she was killed. His friends, after learning of her death, relayed these statements to the detectives who were investigating her death. Normally, these second hand statements are considered hearsay and is not admissable in a court of law. This is an example of the type of "evidence" that was used to convict this innocent man.

It is a fact that the victim's family is prominent in the local Houston community and may have strong political connections. They directed and motivated the media throughout the trial and this conduct may have influenced the judicial system, resulting in an unfair trial.

Robert Fratta has been appointed a Habeas Attorney and his appeal was filed in October 1998. The investigative work continues. He desperately needs financial assistance to help with investigative work that will help to overturn his conviction.

He is a good man and a loving father of his children whom he has been forbidden to have any
contact with, nor has his immediate family members (who relocated from New York to Texas
shortly after this event to help him) been able to call, visit or write the children that they love so dearly. To make this even more painful, the victim's family recently asked the court to assign them managing conservatorship of his 3 young children. The court agreed, and also allowed their request to permanently change the children's middle and last names to their own name. Not only have these children lost their mother but they will lose their father, their family name and heritage, paternal grandmother and aunt. This entire family has been shattered!

Robert's career before his arrest included employment as a fire fighter, emergency care technician and safety officer in Houston, Texas for many years. Now, the community that he was once entrusted to protect and serve, while putting his own life on the line, has turned against him.

Unfortunately, throughout our research efforts to enlist help for him, we have found that there are many other individuals on Death Row across the United States who have been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death. Still, many more have already been executed and were later found to be proven innocent. In Texas alone, there are countless men and women on Death Row and many are innocent. We have also learned that it is nearly impossible for one to navigate their way through the legal system in order to get help.

For people who are dependent on court appointed attorneys, it is easy to sometimes fall through the cracks. This, compounded by what appears to be corruption and political pressures, seals Robert's fate, if we do not take an immediate stand to help. The most difficult part of this is to find legal counsel that will take his case on a Pro Bono basis -and even more challenging is how to raise cash to cover a paid attorney! Few are willing to take on cases such as this one in order to help people who are stuck in the quagmire of the legal system.

With your prayers, assistance and financial support, we hope to save the life of an INNOCENT
MAN. Robert has been convicted of a devastating crime that he did not commit. Many innocent
people like Robert Fratta wait on Death Row for help.

Those without the capital get the punishment!

The evidence is out there that will prove his innocence. With help, it is within our reach.

There are many ways that one person can make a difference.
Won't you please get involved today?

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