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A Victim of Police and Judicial Corruption

It is common knowledge that refusing to comply with law enforcement officials can have dire consequences.  But for Roderick Johnson, not complying with orders passed down from Reading Pennsylvania detectives got him near-fatally shot!  And when Johnson miraculously lived, they obtained their revenge by framing him on multiple counts of murder! 

Tragically, Roderick Johnson serves both a death and life sentence because he REFUSED to carry out their orders to kill and rob a rival drug dealer of a large quantity of drugs.  At least two Reading detectives were known to be in a corrupt alliance with drug kingpin George “Gambino” Robles Jr., who by his own words “controlled the streets of Reading from 1994 to 2001” under the authority of these detectives.  They ran an extensive crack cocaine and marijuana ring from New York to Reading Pennsylvania.  Robles has since admitted to paying these detectives illegal drug proceeds, as well as to getting high on illicit drugs with these same detectives.    

Nyte life Clique (“NLC”) is the organization that George Robles ran for corrupt Reading Pennsylvania detectives.  Roderick Johnson was George Roble’s right hand associate in this illegal drug ring, so he witnessed payoffs and heard conversations between Robles and Reading detectives.  Roderick Johnson became a liability because he knew too much, and because he refused to carry out their criminal orders. 

Conveniently, these “dirty” Reading detectives were also the same detectives to investigate and arrest Roderick Johnson on multiple counts of murder.   (Take note that while there were only three people killed, Roderick Johnson has been unjustly convicted on five counts of murder!)  There is no physical evidence to connect Johnson to any of these murders.  In one of the cases, there are four eyewitnesses who all state that Roderick Johnson is not the murderer.  Conveniently, the primary evidence against Johnson in each case is the testimony of State’s eyewitness and Drug Kingpin George “Gambino” Robles Jr., who has since confessed to his unlawful drug alliance with Reading Pennsylvania detectives.  Others have also stepped forward to speak about this illegal drug ring only to be threatened by either the crooked detectives and/or Robles.

Even the retired Chief of Detectives that supervised them has recently came forward to acknowledge that these criminal detectives were known to be involved in drug trafficking.  He states that money was no object for these detectives……that they always had a lot of it, and flaunted it by driving automobiles they could not afford with only their police salaries.  And I have very recently discovered that at least one of these detectives, one who is only 45 years old, has already retired!  Please draw your own conclusion about how a police detective can afford to retire at such a young age! 

The State had knowledge of this corrupt alliance between Reading detectives and George Robles.  They withheld and suppressed this evidence, threatened witnesses, and still sought to convict Johnson…..despite that they had facts that prove he is not the murderer.  Even Johnson’s own trial attorney had information of these fraudulent activities two months prior to the trial and he neither investigated it, nor presented it to the court until AFTER Roderick Johnson was convicted and sentenced to death! 

Johnson’s Post-Conviction attorney did attempt to bring this evidence to light at the hearing, but the judge threatened to have him arrested if he even mentioned it again!  (Note that both Roderick and I have documentation to verify everything you have just read.)  Unfortunately, once a verdict has been reached the judicial court system is more concerned with procedure than justice.  Johnson has been unjustly incarcerated for seven years now, and his execution warrant has been signed four times.  On one occasion he was only 72 hours away from being murdered by the State when he was granted a stay of execution.  This convoluted across-the-board conspiracy leaves an innocent man languishing on death row with an additional life sentence plus five to ten years.


It is extremely difficult to overturn a murder conviction.  Even when innocence is blatantly obvious, the legal battle is still very time-consuming and expensive.  It is not a matter of innocence or guilt anymore; the defense has to prove that the convicted person was deprived of his or her Constitutional Rights.  There is no question that Roderick Johnson was denied his rights on numerous occasions. 


While it is undisputable that Roderick Johnson was living a lifestyle that placed him in danger, this does not justify the farce that is threatening his existence.  While he may deserve a drug-related sentence, he does not deserve the murder convictions that have stolen his life.  This travesty of justice, perpetrated by the very people who are sworn to protect and uphold the law, cannot be met with indifference!  The constitution itself mandates that we the people are to be the primary control of government.  It is our duty to not meet crimes against humanity with indifference.  As Martin Luther King Jr. so aptly put it, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


Furthermore, Roderick Johnson deserves our assistance so that he can be free to be an active father in guiding the lives of his five young children.  He has parents, family, and friends who are waiting to welcome him back home with loving arms.  He is only 28 years old; he’s an intelligent conscious young African American man that shows tremendous promise in being a productive member of society upon his liberation.  He is an especially talented writer and poet, as well as a born-again Christian Minister who faithfully spreads the word of God.


Roderick Johnson today is vastly different from the adolescent who fell into the allure of the drug world as a way to provide for his children.  I did not know Roderick before his incarceration, so it is difficult for me to envision him during this turbulent time of his life.  The Roderick Johnson I know is a spiritual, honorable and loving man who is focused on reaching out to others in need and spreading the word of God. 


I pray that you will take a few minutes to contact either me or Roderick to offer your support in whatever way you can.  Please do not turn a blind eye to this terrible injustice.  Remember, even Jesus was a prisoner.  Jesus was also persecuted and executed because others feared the truth being known. 


Roderick desperately needs media coverage to get the facts of his case publicized to expose the corruption that precipitated his false incarceration and impending death sentence.  Perhaps you have time that you could spend writing letters or contacting organizations that might offer assistance to Roderick?  Possibly you have a website and are willing to offer him a page to further his cause?  Maybe you can offer a website devoted to Roderick that can be continually updated so that all of his supporters and prospective supporters can have fast and easy access to everything pertaining to Roderick and the progress of his cases? 


Perhaps you or someone close to you can offer services or public support as an entertainer, musician, actor, writer, television network, motion picture studio, magazine, author, government official, human rights activist, attorney, investigator, or paralegal, etc?  Or if time is something you have little of, you may prefer to make a donation to Roderick’s Legal Defense Fund?  Whatever you can do is much needed and greatly appreciated.  On behalf of Roderick, thank you in advance for your support.  God Bless.


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Roderick Johnson’s Legal Defense Fund

Innocent In Prison
Carla Andrews
PO BOX 672
Jasper, IN 47547
(812) 482-6554   -  (Please put Roderick’s name in the subject line if emailing)


                                                                                  RODERICK'S PENPAL REQUEST

Yes; My name is Roderick André Johnson, I am 28-years old. I was born on January 30, 1976. I was born and raised in New York City, in the Bronx. I’m presently on Death Row here in the state of Pennsylvania, and have been for the last 7 years.

I have 5 beautiful children. I am a born AGAIN Christian man, and have been for the last 6 years.

I love music, and I listen to all kind of music, but I prefer Jazz, ore R&B. It puts me in deep thought. I love to have long deep conversations on all levels, I’m a very good listener, and I give very good advice. I love to take long walks, especially in the early morning, ore in the evening right before the sunsets.

I love to cook, and from what I hear I’m very good at it. I love to write music, poetry, and short stories. I love to help, and support people in any way possible. I love flowers, and animals, and hope one day to have a ranch amongst various other things.

I love children. I’m very kind, considerate, gentle, patient, I have very good spirit, humble, but have a bad boy side to me as well. I’m far from a push over, but I don’t look for trouble, I try to avoid it at all cost.

I love to go to the movies, ore even to sit and kick it at home and watch a movie. I like action movies, and mystery movies; you know suspenseful type joints.

I’m very thoughtful and romantic. I’m African-American, 5’9” tall Cocoa complexion, with brown eyes. I weight 190lbs, physically fit.

I love art, and hope to open an Art Gallery soon.

I really can’t think of much more to say it’s rather difficult just to describe oneself without being asked questions. I hope that there is someone out there who will take the time, just a minute to holla at me and get to know me. I promise you it will not be a waist of your time. Time is too much of a precious commodity, and I’m not trying to waist it, or have mine wasted.

I’m into building and growing. I believe that there are only two kinds of people in this world:

1) Those that are building and will help you build, and ya`ll can grow together and learn from each other. You know one who will help you/assist you is pursuing/fulfilling your dreams; And

2) Those that will pull you down, ore prevent you from growing/or slow your growth, those who will destroy you instead of help you build and become a better person.

Well I hope that there is someone out there that can grow with. Until then stay blessed and have a blessed evening.


Roderick Johnson #DN-0530
SCI Greene
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370

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