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       George W. Bush - President of The United States of America 2000-2008
                                                      Espanol:  ¿Presidente George W. Bush? ...i El Texecutor !
            George W. Bush, The Texecutioner The cause of death is listed as HOMICIDE after a Texecution ! Front Page News in Europe Condemns Bush as LETHAL
            From one of Bush's 154 victims death certificates                                           Front page news in the U.K.
                The cause of death is listed as a HOMICIDE !                                           The WORLD knows who Bush is !
America's Biggest Serial Killer...   155 Homicides !
        And Hundred's more attempts, with scheduled dates getting last minute stays . . .
More than any other elected official in recorded American history !
       Read the poem, Kings Ancient Flaw  by Jorge Cordova one of Bush's 155 victims...
     Texecution: (noun)  1.) An execution in the State of Texas;
                      2.) An execution with little or no hope of reprieve.
             [  See also: Texecuted (verb) and Texecutioner (noun) ]

                Al Gore            50,156,783      votes
 *         George W. Bush   *         49,819,600      votes 
           Taking Texecutions to the White House
Bush has left the Office of The Texas Governor to his Lt. Governor Rick Perry, Sworn in as 47th Governor of Texas on Thursday, December 21, 2000.  Unfortunately Governor Perry, like his predecessor, has little or no concern for the credibility of the Texas justice system. Governor Perry just vetoed legislation that would have banned the execution of the mentally retarded.
        International Outrage over Texecutioner Bush

The First 100 Days The Illegitimate President And The Texecutions Begin . . .

The First Federal Executions since the early 1960's !
    2 out of 3 Executions as President are Gulf War Veterans !

As America is distracted by war on Iraq,  another decorated soldier is executed.
Louis Jones Jr. - 2nd Gulf War Veteran Executed by Bush
He became a paratrooper with the Army Airborne Rangers and led his platoon into a risky combat jump
in Grenada when the United States invaded in 1983. Later, his Gulf War service earned him a promotion
to master sergeant and a coveted Meritorious Service Award...He suffered severe brain damage from
nerve gas exposure...
In December 2000, the Pentagon informed Jones that he, along with about 130,000
other soldiers, may have been exposed to low levels of nerve gas wafting from a weapons depot troops
destroyed near the southern Iraqi city of Khamisiyah in March 1991.

     A Presidential Fathers Day Gift...
       2 days after Fathers Day, Bush puts a father of 2 to death
                      AP- Photo's        
          Norma Garza, reads over the father's day card        Elizabeth Garza, right, along with her daughter Elizabeth Garza,
                she sent  to her father, Juan Raul Garza          listens as her son Juan Raul Garza Jr. recalls memories of his father.
         Father of two, killed two days after Fathers Day !
Juan Raul Garza - Texecuted June 19, 2001 #154 - 2nd Execution as President !
President Select George W. Bush of course refused his petition for clemency and killed this father of two, the Tuesday following Fathers Day Sunday 2001.  Mr. Garza is the first Federal death row prisoner to be executed under new Federal Anti-Drug trafficing laws.  Visit his webpage for more info on his case, a press release and plea from fellow federal death row prisoner David Paul Hammer, news articles, photo's, and more...
    The First Federal Execution in nearly 40 years !
      The only prisoner in the U.S. convicted of killing more people than George W. Bush
                           George W. Bush - 154 Killed              Tim McVeigh - 168 killed
             The First Ever Televised Execution !
Timothy McVeigh - June 11, 2001  #153 - 1st Execution as President !
George W. Bush is now the first president in US history to oversee a federal execution by lethal injection. 
This also marks the first time ever that an execution was actually televised via closed circuit TV in Oklahoma so hundreds of Americans could witness his death.
Executing the innocent, the mentally disabled, juveniles, violating international law by denying foreign citizens the right to contact their government before they're sentenced to death, even accusations of  genocide . . .

                            Meet The Texecutioner George W. Bush . . . 

              154 men and women put to death   
                                                                                     Signing America's death warrant . . .

Stacey Lawton - Texecuted November 14, 2000      #148
Wrongfully Convicted on Death Row in Texas ?
Since the time of this writing a Texas Judge postponed the execution until November 14th, to allow
Stacey time to file his appeal before the board of pardons and parole, they of course denied it...
" I have an execution date for October 4th and I need to get somebody to hear my case.  I need your help because of the seriousness of this execution date. I have been wrongfully convicted and I need some help as soon as possible.  I need some law students at some college.   I need a lawyer to help
me bring up my new evidence."
Thanks to One Minute Silence and their fans and friends who have shown their support for Stacey.

Miguel Angel Flores - Mexican Citizen Texecuted November 9, 2000
Texas authorities did not inform Miguel Flores about his right to be assisted by the Mexican consulate, which had catastrophic consequences for his case. Under, the Vienna Convention on Consular Rights, the U.S. government has the obligation of informing any foreign citizen arrested on U.S. soil of their consular rights, but often violates the convention. In fact, most of the 75 foreigners on U.S. death rows did not have those rights communicated to them.
There's now a documentary film about his case from Spain: "THE BACK OF THE WORLD": EXECUTION IN TEXAS THE CASE OF MIGUEL FLORES: DEATH BY INCOMPETENCE winning the prestigious International Critics Award, San Sebastian Film Festival in September, 2000
   " Texas did not sign the Vienna Convention, 
               so why should we be subject to it ? " 
               Statement from the office of Texecutioner George W. Bush regarding 
          his blatant disregard for international law and the international community.
      Bush Ignoring International Law With America's Neighbors . . .
       CANADA   -  June 17, 1999
The week George W. Bush announces his bid for the Presidency Canadian Stan Faulder is Texecuted against International law.
         MEXICO  -  November 9, 2000
The week of the Presidential elections Mexican Miguel Flores is Texecuted against International law.
                *    *    *    *    FROM THE DEBATES        *    *    *    *
A smile crept across George W. Bush's lips as he talked about yet another set of executions...
He looked positively delighted as he shared his good news with all of America: He will preside over the deaths of the white men who murdered James Byrd, a 49-year-old black man, in 1998.  "Guess what's going to happen to these men?" he grinned at the camera during last night's debate with Vice President Gore. "They're going to be put to death."
Bush beamed in happiness. He was so enthusiastic at the prospect of new executions that he said he would execute all 3 of Byrd's killers. Texas does not need anti-hate-crime laws, Bush said. "We cannot enhance the penalty any more than putting those 3 thugs to death," he said. He grinned again.          - Excerpt from New York Daily News, by Lars Nelson

The moment was noteworthy for two reasons. First, as his campaign later conceded, Mr. Bush had his facts wrong two of the three defendants were sentenced to death, the third received life in prison. But by seeming to endorse the executions, he also violated his own policy as Texas governor of maintaining his silence and impartiality about pending death penalty cases until court appeals are exhausted and the cases reach his desk. Mr. Bush's blunt endorsement of the executions of the defendants in the Byrd case even though the appeals process has only begun brought a swift response from some legal scholars and other critics who say the comments undermine the legal principle of due process.
 "There has been a thought that he doesn't really take the appellate system seriously," said a University of Houston law professor, David Dow, who has represented death row inmates. Of his comments on the Byrd defendants, Mr. Dow said: "He was celebrating their death sentences. I think even most supporters of the death penalty do not celebrate death sentences. It's a somber event."                                                     -  Excerpts from The New York Times, by Jim Yardley
    News about Bush undermining due process
Such morbid mirth may not hurt him with most of America. But even supporters of the death penalty are probably scratching their heads, wondering if Bush really enjoys putting people to death. He certainly seemed delighted with death last night.
                                                        - Excerpt from New York Daily News, by Lars Nelson

 Texas Double Homicide !
August 9, 2000: 2 Executions in Texas
2 The Same Night 6:00pm: Brian Roberson #139
                                6:45pm: Oliver Cruz          #140
                       Genocide in America ? 
Black and Hispanic Americans are being sentenced to death instead of getting life in Texas,
using race as an aggravating factor saying they are predispositioned to violent behaviour
                  Espanol:  ¿Presidente George W. Bush? ...i El Texecutor !
  Sentenced to Death for being Hispanic in Texas !
Jessy Carlos San Miguel - Texecuted June 29, 2000
During the sentencing phase of his trial Jessy Carlos San Miguel was given a death sentence as opposed to life, based on the fact that he was of hispanic origin. Visit his page for more information on the case, letters from his family, and news about his execution.
Jessy is only one of many Texas death row inmates sentenced to
death as opposed to life, with race used as the aggravating factor.*
        * The basis being that their race would possibly make them repeat violent offenders,
            using this as the aggravating factor to justify death as opposed to a life sentence !
                    Espanol:  ¿Presidente George W. Bush? ...i El Texecutor !
 "This is a lynching. I did not kill Bobby Lambert...I was chosen for this genocide. This is part of the genocide we as black people have endured in America...''- Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) 
The CCADP contacted Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) a week before his execution with the suggestion to put George W. Bush on his witness list, and invite him to view the execution.
Shaka went ahead with the idea, and Jesse Jackson invited Bush to attend.   (see below)
"Let The Evidence Be Heard" - CD in support of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham)
  Download the title track in MP3 format:
                   Visit Shaka's homepage for more information on how to get your copy of the CD. (see below)

   Rev. Jesse Jackson Challenges Bush to have the
courage of his convictions, and witness his actions
" If Governor Bush is convinced that Gary Graham is guilty...
        He should go with me to the site of the execution...
                               He should witness it himself."

    - Bush refused and left an empty seat at the execution

Shaka refused to go quietly and fought for his life with every last breath.  To the very end he was still declaring his innocence !
"They are killing me tonight. They are murdering me tonight.'' 
Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) Lynched in Texas June 22, 2000   #135 !
I die fighting for what I believed in... The truth will come out....This is a lynching. I did not kill Bobby Lambert... I was chosen for this genocide. This is part of the genocide we as black people have endured in America...''  - from his final statements, see his page for the complete text of his final statement.  Shaka put Texecutioner George W. Bush on his witness list, after 
receiving a letter from the CCADP, and invited the governor to see what he'd done 135 times.
The governor's spokesman said, "We respectfully decline."  President Bush doesn't have the courage to witness his actions as Governor, leaving an empty seat at Shaka's execution.
     George W. Bush can murder Gary Graham, 
       but he will never silence Shaka Sankofa !
                  The United Nations 
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, who had appealed directly to Bush for a stay of execution, said the execution "ran counter to widely accepted international principles." 
                The Government of Italy 
"The executioner doesn't let up.'' The head of Italy's Democratic Left party, Walter Veltroni, called Bush
"cold and bureaucratic'' after the governor commented
that "justice was done.'' 
        The Government of Germany 
"It does not fit: The United States presents itself on the
one hand as the world police defending human rights, and
on the other side it carries out the death penalty," said German lawmaker Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. She called on the German government to "make this detestable topic the object of discussions with our American friends." 
              The Government of France
The speaker of the French parliament, Raymond Forni urged Bush to postpone the execution "I cannot believe that the victory you hope for, to lead the largest democracy on earth, should be paid for with the blood of your fellow countrymen. I am pleading with you in the name of humanity and political courage and due process to allow the trial of Gary Graham to be reopened..." 
         "The eyes of the world are watching now"
             Human rights campaigners in France express disgust
              and anger denouncing Governor George W. Bush as
  'a serial killer unfit to be the next U.S. president.'
"The execution of Odell Barnes is an assassination," said Jack Lang, the chairman of the French National Assembly's foreign affairs committee.
Jack Lang, Chairman of France's Foreign Affairs committee, flew to Texas last 
month to intervene on Barnes' behalf and met Barnes in his prison in Huntsville.
     "How can Governor Bush pretend to aspire to the presidency of the United States after
     having perpetrated such a crime ?   What credit would he have to demand respect for 
      human rights around the world when he was the instigator of such a barbaric act ?"
The leading French politician and rights campaigner, said the execution of Odell Barnes 
late Wednesday amounted to an assassination and that he was "revolted and indignant''
by this "barbaric act."  The execution made headline news in France, where French
President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin intervened on Barnes behalf.

Despite DNA evidence that showed police set Odell up, as well as witnesses stating Odell was not the murderer, Bush decided to execute an innocent man rather than have to go through the inconvenience of exposing the police corruption in Texas as just happened with death-row cases in Illinois, as well as all the police abuse headlines recently from both the LAPD and NYPD.

Odell Barnes
Odell Barnes - Innocent Man Texecuted : March 1, 2000    #122
Hours before his execution, when asked what he wanted for his final meal, Odell Barnes said, "Justice, equality and world peace.''  His last words were: "I thank you for proving my innocence, although it has not been acknowledged in the courts,'' Barnes said. "May you continue in the struggle and may you change all that's being done here today and in the past.''
Despite the fact that a simple DNA test proved police were faking blood evidence 
against Odell Barnes, they went ahead and executed an innocent man anyway ! 
The test proved conclusively that the blood at the crime scene came not from 
the assailant, but from a vial of blood taken from Odell by police after arrest.
Residule amounts of the preservative used in these vials were found in the blood evidence at the scene.  The only way the preservative could be present is if someone had taken the blood samples collected by police and dumped them at the crime scene, samples the police later were unable to account for.  Despite forensic proof that the police were tampering with blood evidence, the courts refused to acknowledge all the new evidence proving his innocence.
The last filed appeal was denied by the Supreme Court of the United States, early October 1999.
Once the appeal was denied, the date for his execution date was set for March 1, 2000.
His page includes information on his case and conviction, as well as all the news articles that gave this case of Texas injustice international attention, and pleas to George W.Bush from The Government of France, and The European Union.  Odell becomes George W.Bush's 122nd victim.
There is currently a film being made about the wrongful conviction of Odell Barnes.
   European Parliament Speaks Out Against Bush's Texecutions
Mrs. Nicole Fontaine, President of the European Parliament, made the following appeal
to Governor Bush condemning the Texecutions of Odell Barnes and Bettie Lou Beets . . .
       Victim of domestic violence and spousal abuse killed by George W. Bush !

 Bettie Lou Beets - 62 Year Old Great Grandmother Texecuted Feb 24, 2000
In her words, "My time is running out and the state of Texas will pick up where my husband left off.  While the Texas law enforcement out there did nothing to help me, it is now legal for them to finish the job."  Even though her death sentence was based on fiction as her lawyer hid the facts,Governor Bush refused to look at the evidence her lawyer never admitted that would have stopped the death penalty from being implemented. Texas pardons and paroles refused to look at the issues of domestic violence as is allowed under Texas law. Both Governor Bush, and Texas Pardons and Paroles board clearly failed in their duty to uphold the integrity of their offices and positions.  Visit her page for her writings on battered women, her life, letters from Bettie, and more.  Bettie's page was recently featured in Canada's National Post newspaper,as well as all the news articles that gave this case of Texas injustice international attention, and pleas to George W.Bush from Battered Women's Groups and The European Union.  Bettie Becomes George W. Bush's 121st victim.
          Karla Faye Tucker Remembered
George Bush ordered the killing of the first woman in Texas since the 1860's
                 After ignoring calls from religious leaders such as Pat Robertson, 
                             Bush went ahead with the execution on schedule.
In the summer of '99 after announcing his bid for the presidency, Bush openly 
mocks Karla's pleas for clemency in an interview he does with Talk magazine.
" `Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don't kill me,' "
       The President Mocking The Woman He Put To Death ! ! !    
Bush makes fun of Karla Faye Tucker in an interview with CNN's conservative pundit Tucker Carlson for Talk magazine.
" I think it is nothing short of unbelievable that the governor of a major state 
running for president thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he decided 
to put to death,"     -    Republican Candidate Gary Bauer said of Bush's lewd comments.
     Visit one of the many memorial pages below for more info about Karla . . .
                                  A Memorial to Karla Faye Tucker Brown
                                         In Memory of Karla Faye Tucker
                                     Karla Faye Tucker Brown Memorial
                                                Karla Faye Home Page
                           In Memory of Karla Faye Tucker Brown (Annette)
    Unmarked crosses litter the landscape outside the Death Camp
          One of Bush's 155 Victims, buried in an unmarked grave
The World ALREADY Knows Who George W. Bush is, Does America ?
Canadian Stanley Faulder - Texas, George Bush's 100th victim ! Canadian Stan Faulder Texecuted June 17, 1999
Joseph Stanley Faulder, a sixty one year old Canadian from Jasper Alberta was the first Canadian executed by the US in 47 years. 
The Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal on the Vienna Convention, among other issues. There were many irregularities in his trial, including a prosecution paid for by the victims family, and Mr. Faulder was denied his consular rights for 15 years
In all that time, the Canadian government was not informed that a Canadian sat in jail in Texas
let alone on death row. 
International Lawbreaker George W. Bush goes ahead with the execution of
Stan Faulder after ignoring the cries of international outrage from:
Mary Robinson - U.N. Commissioner on Human Rights demand for a stay of execution
Madeline Albright -  Demands from the international community for a stay of execution
Desmond Tutu - South African Archbishop demands for a stay of execution
OAS - Organization of American States demand for a stay of execution
Lloyd Axworthy - Canada's Foreign Affairs Ministers' demand for a stay of execution
All this the same week as he announces his bid for the Presidency !
 Does this spell the end of international law and order as we know it ?

 Larry Robison - Mentally Ill - Texecuted January 21, 2000
Larry Robison was on Texas death row for 16 years.  In all that time he never received the treatment
or medication that he has been diagnosed as needing.  His page includes an essay written by his mother Lois Robison, who is a co director of HOPE in Texas.  The essay is called, "WHY OUR MENTALLY ILL SON IS ON TEXAS' DEATH ROW".  Contact info on page. The Pope, among other international figures, called on Governor George W Bush of Texas to stop the execution.  Of course, Texas ignored the international outcry once again.  Larry's story was featured on 48 HOURS on January 13, 2000.
Emile Pierre Duhamel 1945-1998
 Against all international Law and convention George W. Bush Jr. ordered
the death of this man who's mental capacity was that of a child.
Click here to listen to part 1 of the interview
Click here to listen to part 2 of the interview
Click here to listen to part 3 of the interview
 " I'm praying not to be listed among the 'OOPS WE MADE A MISTAKE ' victims."

James Clayton - Texecuted, May 25, 2000 
" After 10 years of seeing Texas law legally kill my fellow prisoners, I know that even an innocent man can be killed.  I'm praying not to be listed among the 'OOPS WE MADE A MISTAKE'  victims..." 
Webpage includes links to legal documents, case information, the extensive notes James made during his trial, and James' pen-pal request. 

Tommy Ray Jackson, Texecuted - May 4, 2000
Tommy Ray Jackson went on trial for his life in Texas in 1984.  He was in his early forties. 
He maintained his innocence right up to the end.  His page includes case information, 
as well as information on his jury, a letter from Tommy, and his penpal request. 

Jorge Cordova - Texecuted February 10, 1999
Executed February 10th, 1999 in Huntsville Texas - George had been on Texas' death row for over 20 years for his participation in a crime committed when he was 19 years old.
George had expressed his wish to receive letters, prayers,  and if possible,  financial contributions for funeral arrangements before the State of Texas murdered him on February 10th, 1999 by lethal injection.  His page which includes news articles, writings by Jorge,
and his wonderful poem, Kings Ancient Flaw
Click HERE to see some of George's artwork, Click HERE to see his baptismal certificate.

Norman Green - Texecuted by George W. Bush Feb 24, 1999
Four Midas Muffler mechanics positively identified Norman as having already left the building when the shots were fired that actually committed the murder.  Apparently in Texas that doesn't matter.   The shooter got a life sentence which he is currently serving in another prison... See the Memorial page set up by his supporters.

Domingo Cantu -  Texecuted October 28, 1999
Executed October 28, 1999.  Domingo was a Native from the White Mountain Apache tribe,
and an artist.  He had been on Death Row in Texas for over a decade pleading for help for a simple DNA test which was refused by Texas courts, until recently.  Visit Domingo's page which links to his Italian homepage, letters from Domingo, his own Synopsis of his case, and more.
David Hicks: Texecuted January 20, 2000
Page includes personal letters from David, links to his other page, case information, a plea for help, and more - including David's original penpal request.
JOSE DE LA CRUZ   Texecuted - May 4, 1999
(Below text is taken from Jose De La Cruzes TX Pen-pal request sent to the CCADP before his execution:)
(TX-Penpal request) Right now, I am housed in Solitary with nothing to do but stare at these blank walls. I really don't know how long I will be kept here, but I really could use a friend to write and pass the time with. I am a Death Row prisoner, 30 years of age. I have not had any visitors in years, and have very little contact with the outside world. I am a very open-minded person, and do not believe in any kind of discrimination. I really don't have any hobbies because all I'm allowed to do here in solitary is read and write, and I have very little to do of each. So if there is anyone who is willing and able to write me, their letters will be greatly appreciated.  PLEASE WRITE: Jose De La Cruz #908   (Executed in Texas May 4, 1999)
GLEN CHARLES McGINNIS  Texecuted - January 25, 2000
(Below text is taken from Glen Charles McGinnis TX Pen-pal request sent to the CCADP before his execution:) 
I am a Black African American young man, who is in mid twenties, 6 feet 1 inch, paper sack brown in complexion.  I weigh 165 pounds to 168.  Clean cut, well groomed, with a straight white smile.  I am the only child to my parents who made some ill errors in life.   First time being incarcerated in prison, and I find myself on death row.   I have been on death row since late August of 92.  I am know in the final phase of my appeals yet I believe I have some more breathing left in me.  I am a very open minded individual who does not cater to race, sex preference or origin, thus religion.  I do not believe in religion on an organized level, yet I deem myself to be respectful of others' choices in life, for life is too short lived for personal complications and programming.  I am not interested in befriending or communicating with anyone who is in want of saving my soul.  I am okay with whom I am as a person, my regrets in life are few, mistakes I've made, errors I've danced with, yet I believe I had to live with the lot to be able to grasp and appreciate who I am as a person today.  I am not interested in defending or pseudo justification of my current station in life, meaning I know and recognize that today is a new day, I know and understand what is essential to my living.  I do not live in yesterday.  I'd like to communicate with someone who understands the mental concept of being able to deal with and select death.  Someone who knows we've got to make our peace with death in order to choose life, because death is an incredibly good friend.  It tells us that we don't have forever.  And if you want life, you'd better live it now!  Because if you wait it may not be there.  A wonderful thing about Democratic Death, nobody knows when its coming.  And so its a challenge to you to live every moment as if death were sitting saying to you "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here."  There's nothing more abhorrent to us in our culture than a concept of death.  I have never seen  a people more afraid of death than in the United States.  You know why?  Because we don't live!  If we lived, we would not fear death.  Being on death row presented that gift to me, I've got an edge, because I'll be conscious in advance of my impending day.  Its odd how I didn't have much appreciation for life while living in the free world.  Its taken years later for me to grasp meaning of Life, Self, and Love.  Life is a world of lessons.  I'd like to communicate with someone that's not about catch ups, statistics or judgments.  Again, men, women, sexual orientation, whatever religion, isn't of relevance, for I'm not trying to romance or be romanced in a mail correspondence set up, whatever the case, I ask that the person who writes me be of genuine mind set,  for I tend to give simply that.  I do not place expectations on people, I do ask that whoever writes not expect nothing from me but be in the know that I will share all that I've learned and know in accumulation in time, for having isn't anything if you can't give what you have.   I have learned a lot and yet nothing, yet and still I am willing to genuinely share ME with whoever writes with a genuine intent.  Thank you all for reading this.  If no one responds, I do understand, and I thank you nonetheless.  PLEASE WRITE: Glen Charles McGinnis #999039  (Executed in Texas January 25, 2000) 

Joseph Mario Trevino - Texecuted August 18, 1999
Joseph Mario Trevino was murdered by the state of Texas on August 18, 1999.   He is sorely missed by his friends.  His page was made in loving memory of "Pops", and includes his artwork and writings, as well as memorials written by his dear friends.
               John Glenn Moody Memorial Page
                       Texecuted 8:33 p.m. Huntsville Time - 5 January, 1999.
                                    Memorial page set up by his supporters.
   Inhuman Prison Conditions at the
   Huntsville, Ellis One Death Camps
Pacifica News Report on Heat Related Texas Prison Deaths, click link below:

Nathaniel Barley - Died in hospital: January 25, 2000 at the Ellis Death Camp
Nathaniel was a 33 year old Texas death row prisoner.  In the words of his attorney, " He is the most troubling case that I know of. I've never seen so much deliberate or negligent misconduct by the state.   There is no substantial evidence pointing to Barley's guilt."  His page includes photos, case information, links to another page on Nathaniel. He died around noon, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2000. He died of respiratory failure complicated by Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a kind of  cancer.  A year ago Nathaniel had a big ball cut off his neck and was supposedly given treatment to stop the cancer. No one knows YET exactly how he was treated and why he died so suddenly, but knowing TDCJ, Nathaniel probably died of negligence.
APRIL 2001
JAMES SESSION - Died in his cell September 14, 1999 at the Ellis Death Camp
We at the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty are saddened to report that James Edward Session, who was 
42 years old, died alone at the Ellis Unit in Texas around 3:20 a.m. Monday morning, September 14, 1999 in his cell.
Prison officials reported that he died of a heart attack, knowing TDCJ James more likely died of medical neglect.
Here is a memorial sent to us from James friend and fellow death row prisoner Jimmy Jackson:
In Memory, Dedication to Mr James Session 669
Sad enough, Mr James Session has pass away, while living on F-wing.  I was informed by another person that my dear friend had a hard time breathing an had requested to go to the hospital to seek medical attention, and Mr Session stayed in the hospital for a couple of hours before he was brought back to F wing.  Upon Mr Session's return to F Wing, he still had problems breathing and in the wee hours of the night Mr Session was pronounced dead, to my understanding around 3 AM in the morning.
There's no justice for Mr Session who was a very good friend of mines, and I know he had many more friends and love ones that love him dearly. I know this system don't give a dam about Mr Session but I do and I want all his penpals and love ones that might not know about what happened to Mr Session, this is my reason for writing these words of love for Mr Session because I knew he would do the same for me.  The bottom line is that this system murdered Mr Session.  If the system would have had some good doctor down there in the hospital knowing what they were doing then Mr Session would still be alive physically not just spiritually.  This tragedy should not go unnoticed.  One must understand one apart element about life, everyone's life is very precious  and so was James.  There should be a outcry about this systems way of treating human beings in prison.  The doctor often say take a Tylenol and call me in the morning, won't get the job done, in this case it took Sessions life.  James was / is a good person, lets not allow this system to continue to get away with murdering innocent people.   Don't you think its time to put a stop to this nonsense which occurs not only in this prison but prisons all over the world; enough is enough already don't you think? Mr James had a lot of love, respect, understanding for the human race as a whole, he attempted to live his life to the fullest while living in an unfortunate situation an he was looking forward to be released from Death Row, another innocent man murdered by this system.  To all Mr Session family and friends, we both know that Session love you all dearly and had / have much inundate unconditional love for you all an there's no doubt about that either.  Knowing Session he would want you all to remain strong and always remember the love in which he carried in the deepest core of his heart for each one of you all.  A man in his prime gone too soon.
Above are only a small number of George W. Bush's 155 victims . . .
     Federal Texecutions
                   NOW IN EFFECT !
                      Hearsay as Evidence !        Secret Trials !
   No Lawyer Client Privilege !       No Appeals !    No Constitutional Rights !
     Now America denies the detainees prisoner-of-war status !
Under International Law, The Geneva Convention prevents countries from executing
POW's captured in wartime. America now refuses to recognize Afghan Prisoners it
is holding in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as POW's, against all international laws...
          Geneva Convention Violation - POW Status Denied !
European countries are now refusing to extradite any suspects to a Kangaroo
court in Bush Country.  Assurances must be given that they will be tried in a
legitimate court, without penalty of death before any extraditions occur.
    Bush's "Texecutive" Order    News About The Police State
        The Other Killing Governors...
             Texas Governor: 
         Li'l Tex Perry
          Oklahoma Governor: 
         Killer Keating
       Big Brother's Little Brother - The Darkness Behind the Sunshine State

              What did Governor Bush do for Texas ?
                International Tourist Boycott Of Texas
                         Will he do the same for America ?
                     Bush Kills !                 Bush Whacked !
                  The W2K Shrub              Pilate for President
               Slovenia or Slovakia ?  
Visit the CUADP for more info.   and
       Espanol:  ¿Presidente George W. Bush? ...i El Texecutor !
    A Letter From TV Nation's Michael Moore to George W Bush
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