You say Slovenia, I say Slovakia . . .

When a state governor pursues the job of commander in chief, the issue of experience is raised.
Recently he ( G.W.Bush ) confused the nations of Slovenia and Slovakia and referred to the people
of Greece as Grecians instead of Greeks !
                                                     - From The National Post:  Tuesday, September 21, 1999

George W. Bush doesn't know the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia ?

                                     So what's the difference George ?

     Simple . . .  Slovakia hasn't joined the international boycott of Texas . . .

                                                        . . . yet !

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 Some strategists working for Bush's GOP challengers profess confidence that Bush will have to get more specific in coming months, and that in debates and  press conferences, his lack of experience in many national and international issues will show. Bush's recent confusion between Slovenia and Slovakia is but one example...

The International Community Knows who Bush is !    Does America ?

International Tourist Boycott Of Texas

"The governor's foreign policy expertise begins with Slovenia and ends with Slovakia, and even these have proven to be too much of a challenge," Chris Lehane A spokesman for Al Gore said.

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