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       Tony Egbuna Ford
                          Texas Death Row
         Tony's Official Homepage
                     With links to information in Both English and Italian

                             Tony Egbuna Ford, on his case:

“On December 19, 1991, I was arrested and taken to the police station, where I would later find out that I was to be charged with capital murder, against Armando Murillo, and two counts of attempted capital murder (later three) against his mother, Myra Murillo and his two sisters, Myra and Lisa Murillo; at the initial arrest, I was not informed of what I was being arrested for, so in good faith, I accompanied the police of the El Paso Police Department to the station house. Whereby, I was photographed, paraded around the Department and placed in a room, alone, which had a long mirror spanning the length of one wall, hand cuffed to a chair. Later,
I was informed that I was being charged with capital murder and two counts of attempted capital murder that took place the previous evening, on December 18, 1991.

The detectives in charge of the case, Tabullo and Lowe (now Munoz, she having since married), said that I SHOULD CONFESS to the murder and that a statement had been written against me by Van Nash Belton. They also said that I had been identified as “the shooter”,
the person responsible for the murder. I denied this, as any knowledge of the murder, and INSISTED UPON MY INNOCENCE. But the detectives would not hear this, and they repeatedly,
while verbally abusing me, demanded that I confess to the murder that had taken place. Detectives Tabullo and Lowe continued to verbally abuse me and try and intimidate me into confessing, threatening me with the death penalty (and what would happen to me if I was to go to jail). I asked over and over to be allowed to call my mother and to speak to an attorney. When these requests were denied, I then refused to speak to the detectives. This only angered them further, and brought about more threats, intimidation, and verbal abuse!

I DID NOT and I WILL NOT confess to a murder that I did not do.

                                       I AM INNOCENT !

The information presented here helps to show some fact about my case. Facts as I have said were not known about during my trial. These are facts which I am trying diligently to have presented into the record on appeal. Facts, which if not presented, will make it easier for the state to possibly take my life.

The state did not count on me fighting back. So many people here do not. They wait to die, letting a process, that they know, if they are not actively involved in it, will make it that much easier for the state to kill them. And please understand, many of the people here do not have facts such as I do, yet some of them scream their innocence for all to hear, only to have their scream fall on deaf ears! Please don’t think that I am one person amongst many who is only
innocent. I am innocent, and there are many others here who are too. This injustice against me… against US here must be ended, and it can only be ended with the help of you, the people. So, please carefully view the information that I have presented, and please, after viewing it, join those who have already decided that they would try and help me gain my freedom. Without your help, the state of Texas, in it’s blood lust to murder me, will add to the many others that it have ground up in its murder machine!

I thank you for viewing this information.

Always, In Strength and In Spirit!
Tony E. Ford


                           TONY'S POERTY AND ARTWORK


                              Lost Souls

                            With a plan, condemnation complete
                         Shuffle them away, black and despised
                                Zero tolerance! More prisons!
                                         Adult charge at 12!
                                Get them while they’re young
                               Reserved lifetime ticket to hell.
                        Shuffle them away, black and despised
                                         Generations lost…
                                Who’ll see through our eyes?
                                         Generations lost…
                                Who’ll see through our eyes?
                                         Generations lost!!!
                                 Who’ll see through our eyes!

                                                        - Tony E. Ford
          Tony's Official Homepage
                      With links to information in Both English and Italian

                                         PEN PAL REQUEST:
                                             TONY E. FORD

Hello !  I should write a little about myself.  I will, but it is hard.  It kind of reminds me of a television show called, "The Dating Game"! (smile).  Anyway, here goes - my name is Tony Ford (AHHHG!  That already sounds corny !)  And I have been on Death Row since 1993.  Although times have been tough and at times seemed impossible, I continued to struggle on. Oftentimes by myself.   Although I do not feel alone, it does get lonely.   A person begins to want to reach out.  I want to reach out.  Reach out to someone who'd be willing to share in my struggle.   Being here on the "Row" has given me a chance to do some real thinking and soul searching.   Wheras before, I now see that I have taken life for granted.  I did a lot, but not enough.  I was arrested when I was 18 years old (six months after my birthday) Before prison
I enjoyed the things a young man would -sports, partying, and women.  Now, I believe I have grown.   I'm more political in my thoughts, poetic in my expression, and more thoughtful and appreciative of the beauty in life.  All life!  Although I'm not free (yet)  I would like to share my growth and development with women and also men who would not only give emotional support, but who will also not mind sharing my struggle to help save my life from the forces who wish to take it!  Please take care, and thank you!   In strength and in spirit !

                           Tony Ford 999075
                           Polunsky Unit D.R
                           3872 FM 350 South
                            Livingston Texas
                                 77351 USA

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                    The CCADP offers free webpages to over 450 Death Row Prisoners
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